Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gardening Cat

This weekend I was snoopervising my mom outside. She behaved in quite a weird way and, what's worse, seemed insatisfied with my attempts to help her setting things straight. Of course I had only the best of intentions! So, what was she doing? Well, first she digged a hole in the dirt, then she put other dirt from a bag in the hole and then she proceeded with putting all the previously digged out dirt back again! In the meantime she had added one more of those fun hiding-plants. She says, that's gardening. Phew, I don't know... do your humans do that too?
If you watch closely, you'll see that I'm not playing like mad getting myself all dirty, no, I was trying to get a leaf from the bottom of the hole. I won't comment all the work I did in the following pictures, just judge for yourself...
Here I was looking for something I had lost in the hole, which my mom thoughtlessly filled with water. He, he, he, apparently that last shaking of my paw delivered dirt-drops on both my mom and her flashy box. Come on, mom, don't be finicky! So what do you think: Am I a good Gardening Cat or should I improove some of my technique?


MoMo said...

You are a GREAT helper in the garden. I only ever sit and watch when SS does anything in the garden. She is not good at all. The fact that the plants flourish has nothing to do with her. Just luck!

I had 2 teethie take out at the vet just before we met. So, you can see I am not keen on going to her at all.

Ah yes, SS and her not for profit industry. She is a PhD student in archaeology, which is equivalent to a not for profit industry since her scholarship ran out some months ago.

You look very cute and gorgeous in those photos, LSIF!

Gandalf and Grayson said...

Siena, you have the most magnificent tail! We think you are doing a great job assisting in the gardening! We also enjoy helping our Grampy garden!

Fin said...

Oh Siena you look like a great helper. That video is just the cutest, it made Mommy squeal with delight. Now I remember why Mommy calls me a squirrel cat.

Sen and Tom said...

Siena, you are an amazing gardener! We love both the videos and the photos!

Your Pals,
Sen-Chan and Tom (soon to be three!)

Daisy said...

Your long floofy tail is really beautiful! I loved watching you play in the dirts. And the muddy water!

T'Abby Normal said...

We think you are really a brave and daring gardener. We can't imagine how you could improve your technique any more! Maybe your mom should get some lessons from YOU.

Abby & Stygia

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