Friday, June 5, 2009

Dr. Momo

Today is a very special day for the siblings-in-floof:
It's Momo's and her human's Graduation Party!
Back row from left: Fin and Miss Kitty; front row from left: Dr. Momo, Theodor and me.
I whisked away all the way to Australia to celebrate this impawtant occasion with the SIFs. Here we are gathered together at the University of Sydney. Momo was her human's study pal every since she decided to live with her, so she rightfully shares the honour with her this day. I suggest to every student cat to go over and read how she helped SS to get this far. There are some very good advices!
I'm so very proud of SS and Momo! What a great achievment! We all here wish them the best for the new phase in their lifes!
Love, Siena
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