Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Dearest furriends,
just a little sign of life from our part as we don't want you to worry about us. Both Chilli and me are fine, but mom has been very busy and also occupied with a variety of things and truth is not all of them are positive. One very nice thing was a short trip to Istanbul though! It was interesting what she had to tell about the cats she met there so we decided to show some of them. Most Turkish cats have to fend for themselves and they work very hard to earn their living.
This odd-eyed beauty definitely had it made. She runs one of the many souvenir shops in a touristy part of the city. This tabby on the other hand had to scavenge the dust bins for some scraps of food. But it looked at least reasonably healthy.This guy broke mom's heart. He looked like he didn't cope very well with life on the streets. Mom cracked open a tin of tuna for him which he slowly and very graciously finished until the very last bite. We wonder if his furs are as white as the first cat's under all that dust and dirt.This beautiful floofy ladycat seemed to work with a group of local fishermen. Needless to say that she reminded mom of a certain floofy someone back at home. Look at her expression!And this little talker reminded her of her sweet little Chillimus. Yes, mom loves us very much and learning about those Istanbul cats we realise how very lucky we are. We just wished every cat had a safe place and yummy food.
Many nosekisses and purrs,
Siena & Chilli

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