Sunday, January 31, 2010

Siena here, Siena there...

... Siena everywhere!
Honestly, I've had enough.
Ever since Siena came home from her spay surgery mom has been fussing about her. When things had finally calmed down they took off the plaster from her incision. Then the fussing started again, because Siena was really sore underneath the plaster. That was on Thursday. Does anyone still think of me, little Chillimus? I mean, Siena smelled terribly and I didn't want to smell that surgery stuff, so I ran away from her. But she's obsessed with me and follows me around! Remember that pawsome bed I had all for myself? Well, that's over with: everytime I go in there the Snowfox hops right in too. Sometimes I get angry with her. Then my tail flicks like mad and I chomp her ear or bite her neck. But she just stays put! Sigh, I really don't know if they take me serious around here...
At least I have her smell back to normal now. That took a long time and a lot of sitting on her, I can tell you.
I'll leave you with a very nice picture mom took of me. I think maybe she loves me a little too, even if she fusses so much over Siena.
Purrs, little Chilli

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Servicio al domicilio

Yum, yum, just look how I'm being pampered these days: Delicious cereal milk awaiting me when I interrupt my naps.
That's the way I like it.I think there's a lick left.So yummy!
Yesterday I finally had enough of Chilli avoiding me. Since my spay surgery she has been running away from me. I walked right up to her and squeezed next to her. I need my snuggles! Yesterday I had the last antiinflammatory shot and on Wednesday the plaster will come off. The vet was surprised it was still on and said I'm a very good girl. I just don't want a cone, that's all.I'm feeling very good again. Thank you for your healing purrs, they work wonders!
Siena Snowfox

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Healing and resting

Dear furriends,
it has been a bit silent on our bloggie. We will have to say goodbye to the idea of daily blogging because our mom needs our help as student's cats. We all love blogging, but she doesn't get anything done without us. Sigh, a cat has to do what a cat has to do. We'll be around, don't worry, but just not as much.
But first of all I have some healing to do. You see, I had my spay surgery on Thursday and I just came back from an antinflammatory shot today. Boy, was I feeling miserable Thursday and Friday! I even threw up two times Thursday night. And that little sisfur of mine just ignores me instead of washing and snuggling me like I did when she had her surgery! At least she doesn't throw hissy fits so I have my peace. You might wonder why I had the surgery only now and not earlier. Well, initially I was meant to get a little bunch of Norwegian Forest Cats. But mom and I talked things through and we realised that this is not a good idea for multiple reasons. I'm sure I would have been a terrific mom and my kittens would have had the most beautiful floofy tails, but I'm equally fine just enjoying my life like it was with Chillimus and mom. I'll just baby Chilli instead. Ha!
With this going on it was a wonderful surprise - and purrfect timing - that we received a present from our dear furriends over at Quiltcat's Mewsings today. We didn't have a clue! It's a comfy cat mat and just the thing for me now. Mom got a cotton sachet filled with organic lavender, so we are all beaming with happiness. Last year we played Paw it Forward with mom Paula and like then she sent a really pretty selfmade card along. It's sitting on our bookshelf now right next to the other one. Thank you Paula and Sylvie, Louie, Fuzzy & Gingy, this was a genuine surprise!
On Monday I have to go back to the dreaded vet. Please keep paws crossed that I won't need to wear one of these cones. I have a plaster on the incision and didn't get to it so far. The vet said I'm doing fine and I already purred for mom yesterday.
Siena Snowfox

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Try this

The fact that I'm not allowed outside to roll in the snow doesn't mean I'm not having fun. Au contraire! I just found the coolest shortcut to get on mom's elevated bed. Ha!

Mom was very impressed with my jumping skills. Siena could never do such a jump. When I was a kitten I did this the other way round, but this is the master discipline.
I hope you are a little bit impressed too.
Purrs, Chilli

Monday, January 11, 2010

More snow pictures

Since the other day we didn't get more of the white stuff and I'm a bit sad about that. So I thought I'd share more pictures of me in the snow with you. Mom says it can go away so fast now!

In this short video you can see and hear how eager I was to be outside.
More exploring.
Pausing for a portrait.
The next is going to be the cutest pawprint in snow ever!
Sniff, sniff, sniff.Looking for our neighbours Frida and Lilly.
Going back inside. Check out my floofy 'tocks!
Siena Snowfox

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010


When mom said we had to prepare for Daisy's arrival both Chilli and me got really excited. Would Daisy the Curly Cat really come to visit us? And would she bring Harley? Just imagine our disappointment when we found out, that "Daisy" was the name for the cold front that is bringing us lots of snow. Hrmpf!
I made the best of it. I like snow! Not as much as Daisy of course.
I like sniffing it.I like just watching it fall.I like zooming around in it!See my tracks crossing some neighbour's track?
It's such a sublime moment when you're the first to leave your paw print in the pristine white cover.
That's my element! My furs keep me dry and warm.
Chilli stayed inside. Although she wanted to go out too mom didn't let her because it would have been too cold for her. Do you see her in the window? Of course she was not pleased.
I hope you're all safe and warm! Or having fun in the snow, just as you like it.
Purrs, Siena Snowfox

Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally Friday

... that warm fuzzy feeling deep inside when you're being loved.
Love more!
Purrs, Siena

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Muspuss names

Over the last days we found out that mom must have missed us more during her little vacation around New Year than she is willing to admit. You see, with them was Emma, the sweet Beagle woofie of the other couple. It seems that mom went crazy over her, seeing her little Chillimus Prettypuss in some of her moves. Hence she called Emma "Emmamus" for the whole stay. Silly mom! One night while they were watching a movie Emmamus even borrowed under the blanket with mom and the other type of human. Her heart almost melted!

As a true Beagle Emma loves food. Here she's munching away on a dried pig ear. Ehem, it must be a woofie thing. Her ears are a bit wet because she chose to roll around in a dungheap that day and had to have a shower. Mom? What exactly did you remind of me?
Those ears must be very silky!
Emma is very good at agility. Here you see her doing a zig-zag parcour on the beach.She's very good at placing her cute snout on the human's leg while begging too!Those eyes must get her everything. I think I'd like to play with these walnuts.
The center of attention. I'd like that too!
Now we're talking: Emma has a real and extra cosy sheep skin lining her doggie bed!
Mooooooooom, I want one tooooooo!
Purrs, Chillimus Prettypuss
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