Monday, May 30, 2011

Two proud cats

Dearest furriends,
we have excellent news: mom handed in her thesis! She did it today two weeks ago - we are all overjoyed since that day.
It was quite a struggle to get her to this point, believe us. We never mastered the strength to tell you that mom and the other type of human broke up shortly before Christmas. It was too sad for all of us. After ten years with him as her partner mom felt devastated. She was firmly convinced she couldn't write her work. Chillimus and I had to work FULL TIME to help her. It was our ultimate challenge as student cats.
I sat on her papers. And always had a loving...
... and watchful eye on her.
Chillimus loved on her. A lot.
And mom soaked that love right up!
Chilli also made sure mom didn't forget anything when she left to work at university.
All three of us worked so hard - it was very exhausting.

But the hard work paid off and now mom is free to get on with her life. We are both very relieved and PROUD that mom suceeded despite the difficult circumstances. We never doubted you a moment mom!
We hope we can get her back to blogging regularly once her strength is restored.
See you soon!
Siena & Chilli
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