Sunday, April 15, 2012

A special birthday

it's my fourth birthday today!
I'm taking it easy today, relaxing and hanging out, appreciating the good things in life.
I'm particularly enjoying those belly rubbings from mom.
Our garden is in its Spring glory. I love that time of the year when...
...the daffs are daffing and the bees are buzzing.

You might know that it's mom's birthday too today. She celebrated with a party yesterday at a friend's home and returned with lots of cool presents and crinkly wrapping paper in the early hours of the morning. Now she's off to see our grandma. It's a very special birthday for her because we have some truly excellent news for you: Mom found a job! Her first day is tomorrow. She says, that's the best birthday present ever.
Good times ahead!

Lots of loving purrs,
Siena Snowfox
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