Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday in the garden

Dear furriends,
Mom is terribly busy lately and that always means she's bad blogging help. We received wonderful awardies in the past weeks and she just keeps telling us she's too busy. Can you believe it? Hrmpf. Maybe it's time for The Bitey...
We've been veeeeery busy too:
Cleaning the paved paths with a special technique.
Cutting the grass.
(Biggify for full dirt-in-fur-after-path-cleaning effect)General patrolling.
Quality control of...
...dusty garden areas.Our verdict: very dusty = very good.Pouncing!
And last but not least: reclaiming the other world behind our wall from the introoder Dado. Check out how well little Chilli is helping me.
We hope life treats you good!
Lots of nosekissies,
Siena & Chilli

Friday, April 16, 2010

The fun continues

Thank you for all the sweet concatulations for mom's and my birthday yesterday. We had a wonderful time and hope efurryone enjoyed themselves too. Momo was dropping hints all day about a big surprise for the next morning, but I frankly remained clueless until the Magic Carpet was flying over a DESERT. Could it be that we are visiting Fin? That would be the best!Yes we are! Finally, the Sisters-in-Floof are together again. It has been such a looooong time since our trip to Norway. We're having a perfect get-together sharing delicious treats in Fin's desert style yard. There so much to tell each other and to celebrate - with Fin's upcoming very own book naturally being a big point of talk... It's good that Fin has a stylish fountain at paw should we get thirsty. Don't we look a bit fearsome? Together we are unbeatable!
All too soon it was time to leave again and head home on the Magic Carpet. I sure hope I will get to see my NFC Sisters-in-Floof once every year in the future too. That's a nice tradition!
Siena Snowfox,
two years old

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Cat

It's my second birthday!
Thank you Momo!
Mom says she can not believe it is two years already that I was born. We actually celebrate both the 14th and 15th of April, see last year's birthday post if you wonder why. In the picture you see my sisfur, my brofur and me when we were a few days old. My sisfur and I look very much alike, so it's kind of hard to tell from the picture which one I am.Mom came to visit when we were about five weeks old. She had initially called because of my brofur, but I won her heart that very first visit! She visited regularly until she could finally bring me home.
And I love my home.
That's a happy tail!
It's Mom's birthday too today and we are all celebrating in style out there in the garden.The best part is that my beloved BSIF Momo already arrived for my birthday. She has promised to help if the introoder Dado tries to ruin my day. See him on the wall? He stands no chance against the three of us!
You are all invited to come over to celebrate in the garden. Stalk some birds, chew some grass or just hang out with me and enjoy the good times. Mom will surely dish out some yummy food and delicious treats.Thank you for being our furriends, you are wonderful!
Siena Snowfox

Monday, April 12, 2010

Loose ends

Dear furriends,
can you pawsibly believe it will be my second birthday this week? Time just flew by! With my upcoming birthday mom was going through old pictures and posts, reminiscencing of when we first met and how I came to live with her. That's when she noticed that she promised to tell a story and completely forgot about it. After telling you how she decided to get a cat she wanted to tell you why exactly a Norwegian Forest Cat. Well, it's about time we'd tie those loose ends and introduce to you the man himself: Shiva. Shiva is our mom's mom cat. She lovingly calls him her One-Euro-Mancat, because that's what she paid for him. One Euro!Shiva is the only floofy one in a shorthaired litter of a shorthaired momcat. He's quite the character and unchallenged king of his outside territory. Plus, he's a great hunter and has brought home everything from birdies, mice, rats to rabbits as a present! Our mom has sitted him twice and absolutely fell in love with him. He prepared the ground for Chilli & me!Our mom's mom one day came up with the theory that his unknown dad was a Norwegian Forest Cat. So that's how the general idea came to our mom's mind. And so, after her return from Mexico, she set out to search for the Norwegian Forest Cat of her dreams...
Siena Snowfox

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday in the garden

Dear furriends,
it's a grey, drizzly and a bit sad day in our garden today. We were suspecting it for longer, but today we got certainty: Our Fischies have died during the Winter. We hope that they peacefully died in their sleep. It's such a shame, they were cool Fischies and we loved to watch them, cool off our paws in their tank and even have a sip when the weather was hot. Rest in peace, sweet Fischies.
Some of you asked how I got the ouchie on my nose. Well, mom doesn't really know and I'm not telling. The scratch just appeared from one moment to the other. One probable option is that my crazy little stalker sisfur Chilli made me jump and crash into the roses, but she's not telling either. Or our neigbour cat Frida got me when I was nosing around in their shed. Basically, it's the price you pay for being a paws-on Gardening Cat! Thank you for all the purrs and the comforting words about the fur growing back. That would be nice. Finishing, we wanted to share two beautiful pictures of our woofie furriends Sissy and Skylar from Becky's Barnyard. Their mom took them a while ago and our mom loves them so much she asked if we could repost them.This is Sissy, she came to live at Becky's place not long ago.
And that's Skylar - love the markings! Don't the daffs look cheerful?
Siena Snowfox

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Search no more

Dear furriends,
we have a special guest today and actually both Chilli and me are a tiny bit nervous.
I mean, Smokey's a VERY handsome Mancat, don't you think?And his hidey skills are first class!
We hope he will let us share this luxurious sheep skin later on. Smokey is visiting us because of the "Search the Sherwood Seven game". Here's some info:
ML Sherwood has seven wonderful kitties: Missy Blue Eyes, KC, Smokey, Sol and BJ, Faith Boomerang and Charlie Taylor Sherwood. For the last seven months, once a month, on the 7th day of each month (10/7/09 to 4/7/10), everyone in the Cat Blogosphere was challenged to go on "The Search". ML is the one who keeps our shared Cat Blogosphere going on a daily basis; putting up our special posts, making sure Mr Linky is working, adding sidebar events: it is nearly a full time job. And giving her a special little hi-and-hello each month is our way to thank her for all she does for all of us.
Make sure to drop by ML's bloggie and give her all the kitty kisses she deserves!
Siena & Chilli

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Timing on Tuesday

Hi efurryone!
Did you have a good Easter?
Ours was a bit so so, because I hurt my nosie on Friday. It's a weird tradition at our house that always on festive days one of us gets sick or hurts herself. Mom says our timing is "great"! Before the incident we had the best time outside though: The sun was shining,
we zoomed around, climbed a tree together, I stalked insects,
Chillimus stalked...
... and chased me...
... and then this. Although I told mom I was okay she took me to the vet the next day, just to make sure. Now she worries about the fur not growing back! I hope mom sets up a first aid kit asap, because she didn't have anything when it happened, which is very bad. For now we got at least a good antiseptic spray without alcohol, so that's a start. Do you have a first aid kit and what's in it?
Siena Snowfox

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday in the garden

Dear furriends,
I feel a bit bad that I'm so much drawn to pollinating insects and that I ate some the other day.
Mom just found out that they weren't bees, but some kind of fuzzy little bumblebees.
She explained to me that they actually help us in the garden and that I have to give them credit for that and leave them alone.
This Bumble sure is working away on our little Japanese Cherry.
Look at it's cute orange bum!
What am I supposed to do? I can't help myself, they are so much fun to stalk!
Siena Snowfox

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