Friday, July 24, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Weeks

This was on the 24.06. and mom loves the picture, so we sneaked it in.
The next ones are exactly today a year ago.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's my first Gotcha Day!

Today a year ago I moved in with my mom.
What a wonderful first year we had! Here's to many more together.
This is an old collage with pictures of my first week at home.
We will do a "Wordless Weeks" series starting today with pictures taken that respective day a year ago. That means loads of kitten pics of me. Yay! Here's today's offering:I hope efurryone is cuddling with a loved one today. We all deserve it!
Purrs and noselicks,

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Dear furriends,

it's been a while since we started our blogcation to get our mom back into studying. And boy, it's been a hard time so far! We interrupt our intense mom-monitoring for an update on how things are going.
At first, things went really bad as all of us got sick. Mom noticed that Siena was scratching her ears quite a lot so she went to the vet with her. It turned out she had a light ear infection and ear drops would solve the problem. Two days later, we had been enjoying some hours outside, Siena's right eye was teary and her third membrane had moved forward over one third of the eye. She looked horrible, like a pirate. The vet found a deep scratch in it! Fortunately, the retina wasn't hurt. That meant three times ointment and two time eye drops per day for Siena. Over almost a month and weekly vet visits her eye has healed handsomely and you can't see anything nomore. But that's not all: Mom had just visited the vet with Siena to check on her eye and had to leave on the next day's morning for a university course away. Things were arranged with the other type of human to look after us and mom was confident about Siena's progress and the other type of human giving her all this medication. So she gets up in the morning to find me having some strange sort of coughing attack, intermixed with sneezes and rolling around on the floor. She honestly thought I was going to die right away. The attack lasted several minutes. The other type of human came over right away as our mom, dissolved in tears, had to leave to get to that course. He had to take me to the vet because I started to get lethargic and I wouldn't eat. There I got stabbed with a nasty needle an they prescribed pills for me. It seems that I got a really bad cold. After our mom's return she took me with her for Siena's appointment and everything was fine. And now comes the big joke: Excactly that same night we came back from the vet Siena started sneezing! She got over it with the help of an homoeopathic treatment, but it was hard seeing her like this. She ate and played all the time though and there wasn't any yucky stuff coming out of her nosie.
Fortunately we're both well again and back to having a good time. Ehem, that's when we're not totally exhausted from helping mom study, of course.
So exhausted.

Check out our DIY Busy Box. Great fun!
Towards the end of the video you can see Siena sneeze.
A pin-up shot of Siena.Mom!!! Stop that! I'm a respectable Ladycat!Chilli - The secret ingredient. Guess how much Miss Silky & Slender weighs...
Having fun with the new sisal rug. Apparently mom plans another DIY project.
Mom always laughs and laughs when Siena zooms off in the other world behind our garden wall. She caught her flying!

Things are improving slowy but surely with mom but she's a harder case than we thought. We have to remain on blogcation until we really see land again. We miss all of you terribly, but we're not completely away anyway as we visit regularly. ; )
Purrs and love your way,
Siena & Chilli

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