Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday in the garden

Life as a Gardening Cat is grand. We've joined our furriend Jonesie's Society of Feline Gardeners and today is the first club meeting. Jonesie is a true Master Gardener, so head over and see what she has to say. Siena especially liked today's tips on a fashionable gardening look.
We were already outside in the garden this morning.
Apart from tree climbing lessons for Chilli we didn't do much though, it's a cold and grey day. Mom loves to see us zooming around and chasing each other. It's great fun! She wished the picture had come out better, can you see us?Chilli still needs a lot of practise in tree climbing. Can you believe she actually got herself stuck in this position?!
I couldn't even look!
Yep, still stuck!
Oh, I can hardly watch. The little one has to learn that if she goes up a tree she has to come down again.
Chilli is very brave and at one point she just let her back paws go and clinged to the front trunk. She got down!
Phew. You know, I can't rescue her every time she gets stuck in a tree.
A sisterly nosekiss is soothing to efurryone's nerves.

Purrs, Siena Snowfox

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On felting

When felting wool you have to work the fleece very vigorously from different angles and directions. Mom prepared a little video to show you the felting process. Try to ignore her Darth Vader breathing at the end of the video.With a little patience, luck or skill the result will look just like this: A purrfect Norwegian Forest Cat.
You can mail mom any time if you have questions on the single steps. Good luck!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Toasty toes with tail

Hai furriends!
Check out how tightly I have wrapped my tail around my toesies. They stay very toasty that way.
Purrs, Chilli

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's still 'Tocktober

Finally we're posting our 'tock pictures in honour of Derby's birthday.
Chilli's silky and slender 'tocks.
Siena's floofy 'tocks. See last year's 'tocks.
And a bonus: Elephant's 'tocks! (Yep, mom's been at the zoo again.)

Derby's mom is going to donate some green papers to Derby's old shelter for every 'tock picture that is posted this month. So why not have a considerable 'Tocktoberfest?
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally Friday

Fridays are purrfect days for discoveries.
Like, how delicious cereal milk is.
Not that I didn't know that before.
Chilli discovered the not-so secret-anymore storage place for her peacock feather.
She's soon to discover that she's not supposed to be up there...
In the meantime I discovered treats in the triangle Suey used in her Stress Less While You Nom Test. Delicious!
Come to mama, little treat.

Here's wishing for many pleasant discoveries this weekend.
Purrs, Siena

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Just a quick note to let you know we're still there.We were on intense mom-monitoring those last days. Mom had a really bad and turbulent time for a few days, so we had to sit and purr on her. Now only her tummy is ouchy, she says it's called gastritis, but her soul is feeling better again. We're thankful we could purr her out of this!
Sheesh, humans are so delicate.
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Laugh with us

Mom was laughing and laughing at this picture and says you should biggify for full effect. What's so funny about it - it's just floofball Siena zooming around in the other world behind our garden wall!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Meaty Monday

Remember our Wednesday post?It was actual raw meat we were having. Our vet once told mom that she gets meat for her kitties at a, well, huge slaughterhouse in our city. Turns out it is really close to where we live, so mom finally went there. She's sure the butcher was secretly rolling his eyes at her ordering only 500 gramm of Skirt Meat, as they sell meat for animals in huge quantities there. Mom wasn't at all sure if we would like it and just wanted to give it a try. What can we say, it was delicious! Honestly, we gobbled all in and asked for more when we were finished. We loved it the second and the third time too. Even Siena who walks away from our dish after a few bites of normal food finished hers. We ate differently and kept more distance to each other, pulling the pieces out of the dish, that's why we're getting it served in two dishes now instead of sharing one. Mom portioned the meat and froze it. In the morning she takes it out of the freezer and lets it taw in the fridge. Before serving she pours warm water over the bag to warm it a bit. It's a huge success with us. Mom says seeing how we have to work on it, chomping and chomping, it sure must be good for our teeth. And it's so much fun! We will be getting raw food a few times the week, because if we were to have it everyday mom would have to supplement all kind of things. Barfing is an art it seems. But guess what's best: This fresh "human comestible" quality meat cost mom a fraction of our regular noms! We're feeling very carnivory!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

P.S.: University started today again, that's why we might not be around as much.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Dear furriends,

Siena and mom are blissed out for all the nice words you said yesterday for our blogoversary. We are honoured to have such wonderful furriends!
Still, I'm a bit miffed Siena was such a blog hogger.
I decided to hog her for a bit. Tee hee.Mom says I shouldn't smother her with my love. Uhm? She's so comfy!
Have a lovely Sunday efurryone!
Purrs, Chilli

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's our first blogoversary!

Well, it's my first blogoversary to be correct as my whippersnapper sisfur Chilli wasn't living with us today a year ago. I started with posting on my mom's gardening blog.
Mom didn't sleep much that very first night with me, forgive her bad looks.
The gardening blogs mom visited lead her to discover the world of cat blogging. The first cat blog she ever saw was Miss Peach's. We lurked around for some time until our friends at The Poupounette discovered us and we slowly started to comment. Soon we had a little group of friends that visited and mom let me use a language everyone could understand. Mom realised that I was taking over her blog and thought about renaming it.
Okay, maybe she always looks like this.
When she asked the other type of human what he thought of the name "Garden with a Cat" he grinned and answered that "Cat with a Garden" would be more appropiate. He was right!From this it was only a small step to my own bloggie! Gandalf and Grayson were the only commentators on my first post, but that day they introduced me to the CB and I met all you wonderful cats, woofies and people out there. Probably the most important event was when Jan from Jan's Funny Farm introduced me to Momo. In November Momo, Fin, Miss Kitty and I visited our homeland, Norway. These floofy Ladycats have taken me on as LSIF (Little Sister In Floof) immediately and I learned so much of them. When I returned home little Chilli had arrived. We had quite the time getting used to each other.And the rest is history as you know it...
Since then so much happenend and so much has changed. We won many new friends, but lost some old friends too. We snorted with laughter and shed tears. This year it was all firsts: first half-birthday, first birthday, first gotcha day, the first blogoversary. I think I'm speaking for my sisfur too when I say that we hope to get to a second round of everything. And maybe a third? And it's hopefully together with you. Kiss, kiss, kiss.
Siena Snowfox

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tapir Tuesday

Mom showed us pictures of this most peculiar animal.
Do you know what it is?
It's a Lowland Tapir!
She says she's sorry for him as he seems to be a bit lonely. He's always pacing around restlessly in his enclosure at our local zoo. She saw him enjoying scritches from his keeper once. Someone told her that he's a bit feisty though and has a reputation for biting. He shares his enclosure with two of these Capybara and they had to change them six times until they found a combination that worked out. We really wonder what's next. After showing us birds that can carry off cats mom pointed at these animals saying they are rodents. They are huge! The female has an average weight of 60 kg. We certainly wouldn't go near them.

What really struck us about the Tapir was his voice. Check out this lengthy video of him doing some sort of Kneippism, stopping to smell his own poo floating in the water and then doing his sound when he gets out of it. You'll be amazed.
Purrs, Siena & Chilli
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