Saturday, August 29, 2009

Little Chilli on silly Saturday

I just love the other type of human and make a big fuss about him everytime he's here. His head rubs are first class!
Purrs on this silly Saturday,

Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is an old post from March '09 that never got published. Why waste it?
Did you know that Siena is a bit of a copycat?
Efurrytime I'm inspecting a paperbag, a box or even an empty pasta package she shows up.
"Hey Chilli, let me have a go, okay?"
And then she doesn't realize her size!!! Even with pushing there was no way she was going to get in there!!!
Tee hee, Chilli

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Violently happy

My hommage to Valeriana officinalis.

Although it seems so in this first video the main source of my excitement wasn't the little cushion, but the scattered filling of a tea bag I had ripped open shortly after it's offering. It's a calming good-night tea for humans and it contains valerian!

Very "calming" indeed! I wish I could dig right into the floor!
Boy, oh boy, I love valerian!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chilli Chilada, Gardening Cat

Dear furriends,
I want to thank each and efurryone of you for your concatulations and encouraging words concerning my final Gardening Cat examination yesterday.
It worked: I passed Siena's examination and I'm now an official Gardening Cat. I'm so proud, I'm wearing my tail sky high!
It was quite the day and I'm a very happy and sleepy birthday girl today.
I did a last minute check of everything I could. Here I'm using my tail as a ruler to see if the little hedge is trimmed properly.
Siena has high quality standards. She even checked the azaleas if I pinched out the spent blooms. Phew, I'm glad I did!
I was very, very nervous and excited!
I was lucky that she didn't inspect the peony too closely as there are quite some weeds growing at it's base. I concealed them by sitting on them. Very clever, wouldn't you say?
My master piece are the three blooming cat nip plants which I raised from seeds we got from our furriends Cliff and Olivia. It was very hard to refrain from nomming them so they can set seeds and we can have even more catnip plants!My sisfur was very pleased with my effort and I passed with flying colours! Yay!!!
It was a great day and I got loads of presents which I will show eventually in the next posts. Unfortunately we will be posting irregularly because of mom's illegal, eh, "hard" working hours (13 hours per day).
Love and purrs your way,
Chilli Chilada, official Gardening Cat

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's my first birthday!

Today is my estimated first birthday! I'm a whole year old now!
I'm an even busier bee than usual today as it's also my Graduation Day as a Gardening Cat. We're all out there with Siena who's assessing my work of the last months. Please keep your paws crossed for me! You're all invited to join the celebrations later on when the official part is done! Please come over and party with us....
Love and purrs, Chilli

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mom here: Har. Har. Har.

The humans were working on a strange thing the whole Saturday and now they both have this broad grin on their faces. Why did they build this? This thingy is horrible! We think... it almost seems like... we can't escape through this window anymore!!!
This is a terrible halt for my career a Señorita Escapista. This ruins all my credibility! And Chilli is furious!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sadly Sore Saturday

Hi furriends, I'm sorry for posting late.
The reason is that on Wednesday mom got a student full-time job she applied for a while ago and they wanted to start her the next day (!). It's pretty hard work setting up a new home improvement store with working times from 08:00 a.m. - 08:00 p.m., but mom says we need it. That night, absolutely knackered, she forgot that she had opened the upper bathroom window after showering and both Siena and me escaped through it. Our next door neighbour was working on his bike, keeping the door to their floorway and to the cellar open which makes mom very nervous, plus it was dark and we weren't wearing our collars, so mom and the other type of human set out to catch us. Siena was an easy catch but I made it over the wall into the other world. The other type of human got me after what seemed to be an eternity and handed me to mom who was waiting on our side of the wall. She was holding me in her arms and talked to me and then something that never happened happened: With a violent twist I turned in her arms and struggled free, dashing away over the wall and up into a tree. I was so determined to break free that I scratched mom very badly at three areas with the scratch in her left palm being the deepest. Needless to say that I got my nails clipped severly. The deep scratch was infected the next day and mom had to go to the human vet. She was saying bad words the whole time, but understands that I just wanted to be outside. She won't forgive me though that I didn't come down that tree for ages! ; )
She hopes the hand will be better for work on Monday.
I feel so bad that I hurt mom. I'm curling up those toesies so they'll never hurt her again. And I wonder what that means for the possibility of getting a new old feather toy for my birthday?
Hushed purrs, Chilli

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What I've been doing

Hi efurryone, it's me, Chilli! Did you miss me?
The last posts were all about Siena and celebrating her Gotcha Day. Strangely, mom has two days with NO pictures of little Siena, so I thought I'd take advantage and tell you what I've been up to in those past days and weeks.
With my upcoming graduation as a Gardening Cat (on my first birthday in a few days) I have been gardening whenever the weather was permitting it.And sometimes - even if the weather seemed okay - it's mom who doesn't permit it. Not fair! I need to check on things!
These lavender bushes are looking good!
Everything must be in prime condition. Here I'm checking the Hosta leaves from the downside for pests. Hard work, but I aspire to graduate summa cum laude.
I've even been gardening for hours in the other world behind our wall. Need as much practice as pawsible! Can you see me? Mom giggled when she spotted me.On my way back home I felt a creepy feeling when wanting to pass this open window.I felt like glowing eyes were watching me, a shiver ran all the way down my spine to the tip of my tail and I froze on the spot.
Brrr, I still shiver when I think of it. How strange - there isn't really anything in that window, is there? Biggify if you dare to look.
The other day I got some quality playtime with the neighbour's visiting girls. There were three of them and they absolutely adore me. And I adore feathers! A good combination. However, the neighbour managed to lose my feathers when he teased our neighbour cat Frida with it. And you shouldn't mess with Frida.The toy was a bit broken anyways and mended over and over again, but I was really sad as I loved it very much. It made me chatter! Here are some memory pictures of me and my beloved toy.

Our neighbour gave me a peacock feather as a making-up-present! Those are pawsome too!
Mom says I'm her little peachick and that the colour of my eyes reminds her of the colour of these feathers. Moms, sometimes they say really weird stuff!I'm having fun with this feather for sure. If I promise to be good 'til the 15th of August, I might get a new old feather toy.Okay then, I'll keep a low profile for a while. But for now, two new entries to the popular series 'What is wrong in this picture?'Check in tomorrow, I have loads to tell you!
Purrs, Chilli
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