Monday, March 30, 2009

Sisterly duties

What started out as a marvellous day yesterday took a wicked turn in the evening. It was lovely sunny and Chilli and me got to go outside again. We were so happy 'cos it had rained and rained the last days. Mommy even let Chilli explore on her own, dragging her red harness behind her - but looking what she was doing all the time. Everything was purrfect: I was on staring down duty with the neighbours again and Chilli was exploring and almost caught her first fly.
But then it came to a fight between Frida and me, I lost my collar with my ID-tag (again!) somewhere and we had to go inside. Mom didn't see if there was a fight as I was on their side of the wall, but there was screaming, things falling over with loud noise and I came flying back over the wall. Except for a racy heart, I was unharmed though.
When mom came inside too after quite a long while of gardening she smelled something strange. She saw then that poor Chilli had the squirts and didn't make it to the litter box. As Chilli saw mom she ran to the box and had 'it' again. Then she yowled and threw up her whole breakfast behind the couch. It was gross - huge as a big dog's pooh. She had the squirts a few times yesterday and this morning too. I have sent mom off to buy a chicken leg which is now boiling away. Chilli seems livelier than yesterday when she burrowed under the duvet and slept a very long time.
Mom is making sure she's drinking enough. She's wondering what could have caused such a bad reaction in Chilli - if it was too exciting to be outside or if she nibbled on a plant that did her harm...? We are looking forward to the cooked chicken and the chicken broth and are hoping that Chilli will be fine by today's evening. She surely doesn't want to go to the vet any time soon! I am on sisterly caring duties of course.
Oh, I wanted to thank efurryone who voted for me in the Kitty Fight Club! Thank you!
Purrs, Siena

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The tube

I mastered the tube!

Well, sort of.
The other day we showed the tube I liked to play with. I used to get inside of it and roll around. At the very beginning when I just had arrived here, Siena gave me biteys in the butt when I was in there. Ahh, fun! Then I stopped playing with it, mostly because the dangling acorn inside allways fell off and mom got tired of fixing it again and again and again.
Now we got a new and improved version with a button on an elastic string fixed to the tube's inside! Yay, the 21st century has arrived to our appartement!!! Wohooo!!!
Here you see the tube and me together. It looks as if I don't fit in there anymore, doesn't it? Here's a short video to show that I nonetheless tried:

The tube is by the way a left-over piece from the making of our cat-tree. It's the inside of it to be exact. Mom got it for free from a store that sells carpets. The carpets are measured by length and are rolled around the tube. There were several sizes of tubes to be thrown away and mom picked the longest one of 4 meters. She then happily transported her treasure home - on her bike! I think mom is crazy too!
Purrs, Chilli

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Still cute?

Technically I'm still a kitten - I'm not even a year old. But recently I lost a bit of the cute kitten-y factor and I'm more... well, what? Mom say I look "impressive". Must be all the floof. However, if you could see me, you would all agree that I'm also a funny cat. Here I'm doing the big fuss in our little garden. Mom laughs when I gallop all around, up the trees and down again. Remember the nickname Zirkuspferdchen = circus pony?Here I'm complaining in front of a closed window. Long term furriends might remember that it's one of my missions in life to escape through windows. Must have forgotten that I'm already outside.
Mom is an only-child so she has a question for you: Did the "naughty" one of your siblings end up with most of the attention? Because mom just realised that that's what has happened here. With Chilli being a bit of a "character" and her alpha attitude, I have moved into the background for a while. Recently I have thawed up again and mom is happy - she told me that she was worried about me.
Now, look who's still momma's little baby!
Don't worry mom, I know how to have my revenge ON Chilli. Har. Har. Har.
Without me things would be mad around here - I'm the impawtant balancing factor.
All wand toys are Chilli's domain and I procure not to be in her way. Still she manages to crash down on me! Hrmpf! But lately we mastered to actually play together a few times. This shoelace made a cool Toy for Two.I'm a very weatherproof cat and don't mind rain. That's what my toesies look like after such an outing. Cute, wouldn't you say?So, here's what I want to know: Am I still cute?
Purrs, Siena

This post is of course an insinuating campain for tomorrow's voting in Misha's Kitty Fight Club. Sunday is my turn, so vote for me if you think I'm cuter than my opponent in tomorrow's picture. Cheers!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally Friday with furriends

Dear furriends, if the Silky & Slender Crew keeps fattening up only a bit more it will be a movement. Hahahaha! I am furry happy that so many cool cats want to be my furriends and hang out with me. To be honest, the whole story has worked out like a dream - now I have my own silky crew AND a lovely floofy sisfur. The best of both worlds!
Please meet two silky and slender additions to the crew.
Fiona is a very refined and elegant feline. She lives together with her brofur James and is kind enough to let her human call her Bizi. I shivered when Fiona told me they almost spayed her a second time. She came as a feral to her forever home and they had already shaved her belly when they saw 'it' had already been done. Urgh, IMAGINE! She's a good Gardening Cat and her mom once made a garden for cats - check it out if you need inspiration on what to grow this season!Ernie of the Island Cats is furry special to me. Not only is he a true House Panther and polydactil, but he knows all about easy-going. After all his nickname is Easy E! Maybe I can learn some relaxation from him and be less crazy from time to time...
I don't think it can get any better than this! Or can it? Yes it can! The coolest twins in the CB have joined the Silky & Slender Crew: Scylla and Charybdis. And they must do something terribly right as everyone writes their names correctly - and they have far more complicated names that Siena and me... ; )
Scylla's tail went all poof in this picture because she had tracked a mousie! I puff my tail a lot too! They live surrounded by nature and flowers in a Butterfly Garden and even share their lifes with a cute woofie. Their big brofur Socks happens to be the boyfriend of Siena's BSIF Momo. So we're kind of in-laws anyway, I guess.Charybdis claims that Scylla is the naughty one of them. We'll see! She likes to talk a lot - so do I. I think we are all going to have a lot of fun together!
Here's the Crew badge for you!

Although it's all about this silky and slenderness issue at the moment, I have to admit that good floof is something very comforting at times. Like, for example, when you have deaded the printer of your mom by throwing a glass bowl filled with seashells & little stones AND a flower pot off the window shelf. The printer made little noises when mom moved it about, there where little stones everywhere in the inside... it was a goner.
Here I am hiding in Siena's floof. I felt really bad when that accident happened. Fortunately, mom has forgiven me already.
We wish efurryone out there a pawsome start in to the weekend! TGIF!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

In the tub on Thursday

The sink might be alright but why not take the tub instead? Ahhhh, all that cool smooth surface for me to lay on...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitty Fight Club - Chilli's entry

Of course I want to play in the Kitty Fight Club too! You might have seen this picture already as we posted it in honour of Siena's BSIF Fin and her Mommy. It's the youngest picture of me that we have - I'm about 8-10 weeks old. I'm so happy that mom took me and not the floofy one at the left! She, by the way, stayed with the nice foster lady together with another foster.When I was younger I had a bad cold and my ears were all yucky with ear mites. That's the reason than there are no cute pictures of my first days here in my forever home, 'cos I had to take medicine that made my ears slimy.
Here you can see my yucky ears. They are all black inside. Ewwww!
I'm having my first dinner. This was on the 14.11.08, my Gotcha Day. Look how wide I can open my mouth!I really loved to play with this tube. Thinking of it, I should try if I still fit in there!
This picture is kind of cute too...
I was a great study pal right from the start!
I settled in quite quick and soon discovered snuggling with our mom. Ain't I all smiles here? And my ears got okay too!
Given that it's Tuesday some tummy and toesies...

Mom is on a "all these posts that I never made" trip and sneaked in a lot of older pictures, hehehe. I don't mind, the world shall see my cuteness.
Good luck to efurryone for the Kitty Fight Club!
Purrs, Chilli

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kitty Fight Club

Mom needs your help to chose my entry for Misha's Kitty Fight Club.
Which one should she pick?
Both pictures are from the first days with her back in Summer 08. Cute, eh?
Yay, I enter with pic No. I!
Here are the rules:
The first rule is, you do talk about Kitty Fight Club.
Second Rule of Kitty Fight Club - you DO talk about Kitty Fight Club.

Third Rule - Only two kittens to a fight.

Fourth Rule - No scratching, hissing or spitting. You may only fight with your cuteness.

Fifth Rule - Fights will last for 48 hours with reasonable allowance for nap time, snuggles and Fancy Feast breaks.

Sixth Rule - You must be aged less than 1 year in the photo.

Seventh Rule - No artificial enhancements (e.g. cute outfits).

Good cute to all
the Kitty Fight Club members.

Slow-Mo Sunday

Since the weather is better I'm more outside again. That also means I'm back on staring down duty with Frida and Lilly. They are not introoders like the unknown cat the other day but are our neighbours. I have met them before and quite like them. Problem is, they don't like me - especially Frida, the black cat, is rather hostile towards me. She jowls and hollers when I get too close to her.
Just look at that puffed tail!
A few times she has attacked me when I jumped up on the wall and, ehem, as a consequence I fell off. This wall is their strategic advantage! The one that controls the wall controls the garage roof. And the garage roof is of course THE place to be for a selfrespecting cat: Warm, high up, safe and with purrfect views at the humans and the birdies. I have been up there when the girls weren't outside and can tell you that it's lovely. But they just won't share. I think that's selfish!
Given that they won't let me up on their roof, I'm considering not tolerating them down in my garden.
Today I saw Lilly on our terrace. Can you see her?She's very pretty.After a good and thorough stare down...

...this pursuit ensued. Hahahaha! This is not slow-mo, it's our real speed!I followed Lilly back to the wall. Then Frida showed up.
And I won't mess with her.She's very pretty too - but as I said, not very friendly.
So, this constellation is a common picture these days. Me on the windowsill and Frida and Lilly on the table of their terrace. Or, them on the wall and me in the grass. I'll keep trying to get on that roof... Oh, by the way, Chilli was outside too today. This was her reaction when she saw Frida for the first time. Hilarious, don't you think?!
Purrs to all,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Session

On Friday we had a wonderful sunny day. We both got out and mom took pictures. Some of them turned out to be possibly our best photos ever. We are so happy Spring has sprung! Enjoy!
Spring smells so good!
One of my nicknames is "Zirkuspferdchen" which means circus pony...
I wonder why?
There might be a German Shepherd in Chilli's lineage.
The light was purrfect.
There was a code red situation. Have to be alert. Always.
My Gardening Cat portrait.
Hehehe, oh well, not all of them are great... ; )

Love, Siena & Chilli
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