Friday, October 31, 2008


As scary as it can get.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Student's Little Helper

Today I helped my mom a lot with the studying for her exam. Boy, am I exhausted! I really don't know why she's doing that stuff! Worst thing is that she doesn't have as much time for me as I deserve. I hope this will be over soon!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Floof Factor

Now, look what the Zoolatry did for us: A lovely group picture of the Norwegian Forest Cats!
I am very honoured to be part of the floofy gang. Mmmh, I wonder though if the Norwegian Spruce in the background will be as easy to climb as my trees here. We will be going to Norway in November, you have to know. Everycat felt it was time to visit the land of our ancestors. Oh, and of course we will go to Fin-Land. I mean, Fin owns the place, so why don't stop by?! Hopefully the cold will make my fur grow - as you see in the picture I have some catching up to do with Fin, Momo and Miss Kitty.
Thank you Zoolatry!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Yesterday someone (mom!) claimed that there would be a new sensational breed of cats. Don't worry, of course there's no such thing as a headless cat. Even mine is firmly attached to the front of my feline body. Here it is peeping through the curtains to figure out if there are any open windows I might try to sneak out through.
Although there wasn't any ocasion yesterday there was one this very morning. And I surely took advantage! My mom says I'm so desperate. Again, I don't know what she's talking about! I just want to get out...For those wondering - here's my technique: Starting out from my cat tree which measures 2,30 meters it's only a little jump up on the open window. The window then slowly closes itself due to the impetus of me landing on it. I will balance on top of it, descending gracefully to the window-frame once the window came close enough. That's, so far, the theory. However, things didn't go as planned 'til now. As you can see in the picture above, the window sometimes closes too fast and I end up clinging onto the almost closed window. Then there are other times when it doesn't close at all and I'm kind of stuck on top of the window...Okay, I'll admit that I do look desperate when things go that way - but I am young and a Norwegian Forest Cat in Training! Eventually I will escape through that window... watch this space!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sensational new breed: Headless Cat!

My mom says I sometimes act really headless. What does she mean?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A cat's force

I got together all those leaves using my mental force. You can note I am using it, because my laser eyes are switched on. Later on I scattered them again by playing hide and seek in the heap. Oh, all that fun!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday I'm in love

Wishing everyone out there a pawsome start into the weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank-you on Thursday

Today I am feeling very thankful and honoured because I was awarded an award! And the best is: Not only one time but three times! In my logic this threeplicates the honour. Pardon, mom? That's triplicate and not threeplicate? Well, thank you for your attentiveness. You could have been more attentive with my award, though, so I could have given a big smootch to
a little earlier.
Here's the award they have given to me:
I am very proud. I think most cats already got this award but I feel that it could be nice to receive it again. Hence I give it to Miss Kitty (although I know her a very short time. Nope, no NFC favouritism here, not at all.), Abby and Stygia, Goldie and Shade (uh oh, they just received it), of course my other BSIF Momo (although she, too, just received it) and to Daisy and Harley. The rules include posting the award, linking back to the one(s) who gave it to you and to link to the cat you're giving it to.
And yes, I am sitting in a brown paperbag. Every kitty knows what to do with them, don't we?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Faster than winter

"Brrrr, that floof better gets growing, it's getting chilly around here."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gardening Cat

This weekend I was snoopervising my mom outside. She behaved in quite a weird way and, what's worse, seemed insatisfied with my attempts to help her setting things straight. Of course I had only the best of intentions! So, what was she doing? Well, first she digged a hole in the dirt, then she put other dirt from a bag in the hole and then she proceeded with putting all the previously digged out dirt back again! In the meantime she had added one more of those fun hiding-plants. She says, that's gardening. Phew, I don't know... do your humans do that too?
If you watch closely, you'll see that I'm not playing like mad getting myself all dirty, no, I was trying to get a leaf from the bottom of the hole. I won't comment all the work I did in the following pictures, just judge for yourself...
Here I was looking for something I had lost in the hole, which my mom thoughtlessly filled with water. He, he, he, apparently that last shaking of my paw delivered dirt-drops on both my mom and her flashy box. Come on, mom, don't be finicky! So what do you think: Am I a good Gardening Cat or should I improove some of my technique?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catical Correctness II

It was only recently that I found out that my mom is not perfect. Guess this has to do with this whole coming-of-age-process I am in. She has, for example, a really bad sight. In fact, she only sees what she wants to! So, as a good Kitty-Helper, we have to point out those little things to them, which seem to escape their attention. I am talking empty food bowls, filled litter boxes, overseen invitations to play, etc. here... But aswell imperfections in our domestic surroundings:Here I am scanning my home with my laser eyes from the top of the wardrobe. Everything looked fine, when all of a sudden I found IT! Let's say it together, loud and clear:
U haz spideywebbs!

Friday, October 17, 2008

1/2 Birthday Wrap-up

Boy, oh boy, every Kitty should have TWO days of half birthday celebrations. I spent these days in very different ways and after I slept it off, wanted to show you what I was up to:

The first day was a calm, cuddly day, filled with good conversation.
You might remember that I started my big evening by letting the other human tickle me. He did it really well.
Then I had a good long talk with my mom, sitting in her lap. I don't like that photo particularly but my mom says, it's the first photo where you can see the colour of my eyes properly.
I had gotten a little pensative for the talk we had and retreated to my favourite place "upstairs" in the humans bed, thinking some more.
Although it looks like I am napping here, I was, actually, still thinking!
After that I decided to look at the lighthearted sight of life again and played softly with my mom, helping her so with her studies. Here I am indicating to her a connection between the neon yellow textmarker and her copies (Moms!!! They're so easily distracted!).Then I had some more of the same. See!? A very relaxed, chilled and yes, pensative first half of a half birthday.

All the contrary on the second day:
Starting that fine day I bit and clawed mom's matress. A lot.
Mom said that I wasn't my usual self that day, having quite a devilish touch to me.I really meant business and made sure, mom understood. Please note the looks I'm giving her for STILL NOT GETTING UP AND LETTING ME OUT!
Finally outside, I checked out the Fischies - still can't see no danger to them - and proceeded to some serious business: Bunnykicking that maple tree!
Bunnykicking......bunnykicking hard...... bunnykicking real hard!
Phew, I can tell you, that was exhausting.

I'll leave you with one last video of me coming home. My mom had called me, rustling with a package of my beloved Dreamies (that's what Temptations are called over here), and I decided that I might let matters rest for that day. Again, please note the nonchalant pace I am showing off. You know Mom, it's not that I'm wild for those Dreamies! Mumble, crunch, gulb... Honestly, I am not!

Thanks to all of you who stopped by and congratulated - it's much appreciated.
Purrs, Siena

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Micro Tiger Macro

I'm worn-out because of the celebrations the last two days. Will be snoozing for some time.
Oh, did everyone notice mom's little messages in the photos? Put the curser on them without clicking and you'll see her hidden messages... yawn... tell me if she's misbehaving, okay?!
Purrs, Siena

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gettin' frisky with it

Woohoo! Having a very frisky half birthday over here. Life is so good! I love that tree!
Oh, for those who guessed: I'm the cheeky one in the middle. Out of two entries (growling here) one got it right. Well guessed, SIF!
Got to get back to bunnykicking that unruly tree...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Proof of Floof

Doesn't it look as if the human's hand was disappearing into my floof? I'm really growing to like him, as soon as I saw him coming by, I tipped over to get my belly rubbed. Guess the plan worked out nicely!
Tonight is a big night for me as I'm becoming six months old. I was born either on the 14th (around 20:00h) or on the 15th of April (at about 02:00). They don't know it for sure, because my sisfur looks pretty much like me. We're almost twins! Check out this pic of my siblings & me and have a guess which one I am. Obviously, I'm not the creamy red mancat! ;) Anyway, I'm getting to celebrate both days, which is great.
This is what I'm doing at this very moment. My mom said, I'm her "sweet six months seal baby". She always calls me such strange names. Sometimes it's "my baboon-bum" and I haven't got the slightest idea what's THAT all about. I'll tell you when I find out.
Got to get celebrating... Love to all of you!
Siena, your NFC in training

Monday, October 13, 2008

The "Fischies"

I am busily looking after the two fish in the container. They're really nice with a lot of colours - hard to photograph though, claims my mom. She says that they are "in danger". That's why I'm watching them constantly. Can you see any danger?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweet Dreams on Sunday

Today I befriended that little human who is living upstairs in the same house as I do. We always play catch. I will run away from her and she'll chase me, when suddenly I turn around and chase her! Very entertaining! And very exhausting.

Here I am dreaming sweet dreams about big furry tails. I think, I'll need a book on interpretation of dreams too.

Micro Tiger Macro

Nope, that's not cottonwool, that's the fur under my tail.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Squares on Saturday

I had a fantastic day today! My human mom was gone to help someone in their garden - but that wasn't the reason for my delight - and I was alone with that other sort of human who is momentarily living with us. At first I was suspicious if he would be able to answer to my demands. But guess what: I was allowed to be outside for hours and hours and hours! I wasn't even supervised that closely. Apparently that type of human has better nerves than the type my mom belongs to. When she got home I greeted her happily in the garden, all covered with spiderwebs, sticks and stuff in my fur and really muddy paws. Later on her next door neighbour told her how I casually walked into his appartement, checked out everything of cat-interest and walked out again. Well, open doors are an invitation, aren't they? And after a while he saw me socialising with the lovely tabby Lilly, the sister of the black cat I already introduced to you. We were sitting in the grass, looking at each other just three human steps apart. My mom would have loved to see that but Lilly is very shy and always runs away when she gets closer.
I definitely loved it and am chillaxing since then. Hopefully that will show my mom that I am not that little kitten anymore and that I can look after myself. I even manage my own blog! By the way, thanks to all of you who stepped by and commented so nicely.

Here's a little video showing my getting-ready-to-nap-technique which involves turning around several times to end up in the same position as before. It also shows how much work cleaning those snowshoe-paws is!
Here's a detail-shot of the print on my paw. It's a little chess painting. My mom loves it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Catical Correctness I

Sometimes your human is misled and needs your good advice. Here my human had joined together the curtains with a ridiculous little purple stringy. I immediately pointed out this deplorable state of affairs an helped in my very personal way!

Strings are for noming! So are pens.

Welcome over!

Finally I have my own blog. Welcome everyone!
I have a reputation for climbing into trees. The first three times (1. & 2., 3.) I pretended I couldn't get down by myself a cried & cried for my human. Well, it were different trees each time! The whole neighbourhood was out giving good and well meant advice to my mom about how to get me down. It took one hour until my paws finally touched ground again...
Just look at me now, that video is fresh from today:

I'll admit that I did it partly to impress my next door neighbour, Frida. She's a beautiful black cat I've tried several times to make friends with. It didn't go too well though... My human told me something about "invading her territory"...
Of course I don't know what that means. Would you?
Oh, there's a hidden message in most of the newer pictures if you put the cursor on them. Did you notice?
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