Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kiss, kiss, kiss

Mom says my head is very kissable.
Sometimes I fear she's obsessed with me.
Chillimus Prettypuss

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Picture Pirates

Our friend Marlene found Chilli on Icanhascheezburger - "Picture by: dunno source". Sure enough, little Chilli is basking in her (anonymous) fame.
Oh, if just everyone in the internet would have as much etiquette as Wendy with her great LOL-Spot, who asks first and knows the meaning of photo credits and blog links. Hooray for Wendy!
Siena & Chilli

Monday, March 22, 2010

The truth - chubby version

Hi furriends,
it's me, Chillimus Prettypuss. I'm on a very secret mission today. Siena and mom have been hiding something from you! Months ago, before Christmas, we received a big package from our human friend Marlene, the mommy of Chani and 9. Inside was a carefully wrapped drawing of Siena! It's beautiful and we all love it very much. It's now sitting on mom's writing desk so we can look at it whenever we want. Why didn't mom and Siena show it to you? Well, because Miss "it's all only floof" got a bit selfconscious after she heard the vet mention that she had to cut through a considerable amount of belly fat for her spay surgery this January.The vet called her a "chubby teenager"! Ouch. Siena refused to pose with the drawing after that. Of course, as head of the Silky & Slender Crew, I'm unfamiliar as can be with such a situation. But I wanted to finally say a public thank you too to Marlene for the drawing. It's very special to us. I don't want my sisfur to feel bad. That's why I'm peskering and chasing her more these days. Do you have any other suggestions to get Miss Snowfox back in shape?
Chilli the silky & slender

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring has sprung

Dear furriends,
Spring is here, we can finally see, smell and feel it. Today we spent hours in the garden. The most certain sign for Spring: Siena ate three bees! Mom just rolled her eyes in dispair, but what does she know?
Siena stalking bees by the crocus blooms.
Chilli is very proud because she got an honourable mention in the St. Patrick's Day contest for her entry. It's an older picture with the other type of human who, apart from Chilli's eyes, provides the green here.
This is what Brian said about it: "Okay, this one still has my whiskers grinning up! This is Chilli from Cat With A Garden. I laughed so hard I almost coughed up my kibble! Thanks for such a fun entry!" Such nice words. We had much fun, thank you to the organisers!
Siena & Chilli

Monday, March 15, 2010

Encounters of the cat kind

Dear furriends,
I don't mean to frighten anyone, ...... but it's time to freak out! Seriously! We have a ghost! Siena and mom are completely unaware of the fact that there's an evil ghost living in mom's loft bed. And it's not a friendly ghost like this one. It's very evil!I have extremely sharp senses and I clearly sensed a presence up there this morning. This happened once already and that time I ran and hid behind the washing machine in the kitchen. Mom says I'm a little silly Chilli and that I'm afraid of the reflection two crystals in the window produce. WHAT????

She just thinks I'm terribly cute.
Honestly, I need some help here. Any advice on ghost hunting is most welcome.
Purrs, Chilli

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun times in the garden

When the weather is cold and grey like today at our place, it's nice to remember fun times in the garden. Here's a miscellaneous mix of recent pictures.
Chillimus the beautiful.
On the jump.Sticky leaves are 2010's stylish accessory!Stalking is most fun. See Chilli behind the Peony?Soon the Peony will sprout and bloom again. Can't be long now!Soaking it all in.
Loving the little things.Happy and...
... knocked out Gardening Cats.
Happy Weekend!
Siena & Chilli

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Acatemy Awards

Here are our entries for one of this year's most prestigious events:
The Acatemy Awards, hosted by Fin.

Siena has hopes for a nomination in the category best movie soundtrack with her beautiful song for the newest adaption of Lady Chatterley.

Chilli has set her pretty predator eyes on a very special category: Best chase of a paper ball whilst imitating a Hermit Crab. We think she stands a very good chance this year!
We are very much looking forward to the ceremony - it will be a lovely evening.
Siena & Chilli

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A dream come true

Dear furriends,
I had the most wonderful adventure today: I travelled all night long on the Magic Carpet to meet up with a very special furriend who lives far away. You see, this cat came to live with her human when she was already grown up and her human always comments on how much we must have looked alike when she was a kitten. With her human celebrating a birthday only recently we thought the timing purrfect to take some portraits together.
As Gardening Cats we did all the fun stuff like...... climbing the Jacarandas...... snoopervising from high up...
... a little bit of stalking...
... but also just plainly contemplating how nice it is to know each other and to finally meet again in purrson.Service was impeccable at her place. Her delighted human served the most delicious treats and kitty milk. All the fun made us hungry and here we're waiting for our lovely dinner before I had to head home again.
Do you know who I visited? Click here to see if you guessed correctly.
I am positively blissed out, I can tell you.
Purrs, Siena

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Failed project...

... is a success!
Well with me, little Chillimus, anyway. You see, mom isn't really the crafty type of mom, but lately she has begun to do some wetfelting and crochet. Only all the good stuff was given away as presents! Don't get me wrong, I love to see a good furriend happy, it just would have been nice to keep something for us too. So mom agreed to do a crochet kitty bed for me us.
I helped during the complete process. That wool looks good!Flossing seemed impawtant to me. Mom said it isn't.
Tester kitty is pleased. Now turn the lights off.
Mom says I was the biggest help when the bed was big enough to already lie in it and she had to turn me around in it to be able to crochet further.This is what the bed - which we named Frootbed in the meantime - looked like before it was felted in the washing machine. By felting the wool the whole thing shrinks and gets sturdier (or so mom thought). Notice the wavey rim and the three lines in the pattern - do you think they look nice?
And this is what it looked like when it came out of the washing machine. "A mess", to cite mom here. The decorative brim and pattern had disappeared completely and it was much smaller than she intended it to be.
And it wasn't sturdy at all, in fact it collapsed under me. Mom wasn't happy with it at all.But I still liked it and played with it, afterwards trying to crawl inside. Look at my cute Hermit Crab impurrsonation!
So mom simply turned over the brim. Now it's sufficiently sturdy. And although it is quite the tight fit it's purrfect for sleeping in it. I have been glued to it ever since! It's great for the kitty circle...
... and for the kitty loaf.
Thank you mom, I love it!
Chillimus Prettypuss

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday in the garden

Meow! The thing we love about being Gardening Cats is the grand variety. Here are some pictures from several our last outings.
Some quiet contemplation. Notice the two cute Snowdrops.
Chillimus is stalking me.We're both checking out the neighbour's stuff. See us?Chilli likes to hang out by the elephants.
Savouring my leaf pile to the most.
They are starting to throw it away bit by bit.
Hey, did I hear the introoder?What is it sisfur? Can you see something?
Ah yes, now I see him too. The introoder again!
I'm going to show him!
You can visit Jonesie and see what she and other Gardening Cats all over the world are up to.
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

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