Saturday, February 27, 2010

Say it like it is

Today's video contains something for the moms and something for the cats. The moms will certainly think my mid-chattering yawn is funny and cute - and you cats will surely want to know what I'm chattering at!

It's a regular sight these days to see Chilli and me glued to the window, chattering away with our tails flicking.
Nothing gets us going like this visitor to the garden. Do you see what we see?
It's a true fatberd!!! And we have two of them!
This couple of Columba palumbus has been around for about four years now. Soon they will start to collect all sorts of plant debris for their nest. Sadly they never succeed in having little baby Doves because the Magpies kill them. Just as they did with our Blackbird babies last May!

And now to something completely different: Mom's slacking behaviour in not posting your awardies. Over the last months we have received some awards that mom didn't help us post. We're so very sorry! You all know how hard it is to get good help these days...
That's why we want to give the Love Award to all of you!
Please feel free to take it and to pass it along or just enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling deep down inside. Thank you, Cliff and Olivia, for giving it to us!
Siena Snowfox

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, talking about the garden

Dear furriends,
the weather has been unsettled here with rain, wind and even hail.With such horrible conditions we have to confirm ourselves with being "Cats looking at a Garden" again.
We both have been helping mom study. She has lots of books to check wether they could be of interest for her final written work. This one's quite comfy!
You know how much we love our garden, but being a Gardening Cat can has its disadvantages too.You see, fast little Chillimus escaped into the hallway and usually she runs up all the stairs right to the attic. But this time some overwintering plants of a neighbour stopped her and mom could grab and carry her inside again - only on level two of the house.This is a partial view of our patio from one of the top windows. You can see the roofs of the bicycle shelter and our little circular garden area. We have two more garden beds. It's all very small, and no lawn ever seems to grow there, but we love it. On the left side from the wall is a very messy property where an illegal addition to a house was built. Mom doesn't like it at all when we snoopervise there.
And here's another pictures where you can appreciate that in our case the grass really is greener on the other side. This is "the other world" behind our wall where we like to garden too. The Birch filling the right of the picture is still on our ground. This whole area hasn't got direct access to any streets, so it's reasonably safe for us. At the far end you might see a grey wall though. From there the introoder Dado gets into our turf and behind it there's an open garage door leading to a street. We have never climbed on that wall so far. But with neighbours leaving cellar doors open, general coming and going to the dustbins, the bikes etc. and so on, mom feels safer when she's out there with us to snoopervise. It's calm now that it's cold, but it gets busier when it's warmer. We're good girls and almost always come when called, so I hope for many nice gardening hours this Spring and Summer.
So there, that's where we live!
Siena Snowfox

Monday, February 22, 2010

Challenges part II

Being actually let out in the garden is one challenge, having to put up with loafy introoder tabbies is another. We were gardening with mom yesterday and Chilli and me checked the other world. Suddenly mom heard terrible cat screams and the sound of a wild chase. Chilli came flying back over the wall with a gigantic puffed tail and ran inside. Mom climbed over the wall and sure enough, there was Dado, the stinky introoder. I had him right under his secret entry to the shed, which he took up as his regular day-time residence for a while already. But it's not his shed, it's mine! Okay, it's Frida and Lilly's shed - but not at all his!I was seriously mad at him and growled and yelled. It's hard to tell with my floofy furs, but I was very puffed.
After a while Chilli's curiousity won over her fear and she came back.
Look at her cute half puffed tail. And the German Shepherd pose.
After some demonstrative fun in front of the introoder we went inside. It's far nicer to enjoy some treats and good snuggles than to battle for a silly tool shed after all.
Siena Snowfox

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good times

Hi furriends!I thought that maybe you wanted to know how my belly looks now after it got so sore from the plaster.
It looks fine I think! The furs are starting to grow back nicely.
You know what else? When our furriends from cats in trees pointed out that we might have to change our blog name in "Cat looking at a Garden", mom finally got the message and we were allowed outside. It was a lovely sunny day and we had a great time.
Here I'm stalking little Chillimus.
With the natural light my fur colours come out nicely. Can you see I'm a torbie? Well, 'black silver mackerel torbie with white' to be exact, but that's rather long winded for every-day use.Our neighbour still has his little Christmas tree. It smelled very interesting.
His window ledge is a great place as it's easy to check from there if Frida and Lilly are outside. They weren't today and I got to snoopervise inside their garage shed and on their deck. Hehehehe! The introoder Dado hangs out in the shed quite often. Not long ago I got locked in a stare-down in there with him and didn't appear when mom called me. But this time it was just me and the sniffy smells!That's Chilli up there in the tree. The tree climbing lessons paid off nicely and she gets down on herself every time now.
She really got the hang of it and I'm very proud of my little sisfur! She's a professional Gardening Cat in every aspect now.This is what our paws looked like when we came inside. Mom was delighted!
Mine are even worse because of my snowhoes. Come on mom, you'll get over it.
Have a good Sunday efurryone!
Purrs, Siena Snowfox

Friday, February 19, 2010


Dear furriends,
we need your advice on anxiety medication. Oh, don't worry, it's not for us - it's for mom. You see, she is supposed to let us outside on a daily basis, but does she do so? No! How are we supposed to garden properly if we get to check on everything only once in a while? Especially at this time of year it needs a trained Gardening Cat's eye to spot tiny flowers and other developements. Before she left to visit the Poupounette we had a nice outing though. It was the first one after my spay surgery. But she always worries and worries that something will happen to us. We think she should relax a bit more and trust us.
If she let us out more often she'd get that much sought after header picture of us together in the garden.
I remember how much fun it was to plant a Hebe in this spot. This was in my very early gardening days. It didn't survive it's first Winter though. I sure hope we are going to plant something else here, I love to dig!!!
Chillimus in the other world behind our wall.
Checking out the neighbour's place. During Summer, when his door is open she sometimes ventures inside his flat!
Chilli smooching mom.
Mom smooching Chilli.
As always we had a lovely time in the garden. And it would be even lovlier if mom wouldn't worry that much.
Siena Snowfox
& Chillimus Prettypuss

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

She's back! Mom is back!
Some of you had already found her and she too confessed when she returned: She visited our great furriends over at The Poupounette - all the way in France. At first we were a bit mad at her that she didn't take us along, but then she sat down with us and told us all about them. It almost felt as if we had been there with them. She told us... ... about Tama-Chan, the most beautiful and caring mommy in the world,
... about handsome, muscular and friendly, friendly, friendly Tommy,... about gorgeous Sei-Chan whose nosekissies are an exclusive highlight,
... about the playful, purrfect, frootbatty kittens Hime, Bibi, GoGo & Fuku-Chan - and how each day she planned on stealing a different one of them,
... and about how she completely fell for Yuu-Chan, the purriest, loveablest surfer dude of all.
We have to thank their #1 for taking such good care of our mom. She had a lovely time!An added bonus is that she took so many pictures of them that she's too exhausted to haunt us with the flashy box, hehehehe. We can peacefully dream about how nice it would have been to meet our furriends too. If we only were the travelling kind!
Big purrs,
Siena & Chilli

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the lookout

Mom just about told us that she'll be away from tomorrow until next Tuesday. Can you believe it? That's a furry long time!
She says she will take two trains and have a several hours long journey. She wouldn't tell us where she's going, because she said if she would, we would most definitely try to sneak into her travelling backpack. Does all this mean she'll be visiting furriends of us? WHERE is she going?
The other type of human will look after us. You know, he's really more than alright, but it's just not the same as with mom.
Will he play with us and the giant feather?Let us lick up his yoghurt leftovers?Will he understand that this is an invitation for a belly rub?
Will he fuss over me and my naked belly with the surgery scar?
Will he do squeeing noises and tell us how cute we are?
We so want to know where mom is going. If you find out where she is let us know, okay?
See you next week, furriends!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Supermoth Sunday

We had a fine game of one of our favourite sports today:
Moth hunting!
Mom thought it was gross - but what does she know?
Have a good start into the week, efurryone!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli
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