Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally Friday...

... and finally I get to introduce myself! It took me a while to get used to the computer and this whole blogging thing, you know. Apart from that I had to defend myself over the first week from this Grizzly I am living with...
So, hello world!
The Grizzly, ehem, I mean Siena, was tagged by The Creek Cats and by The Poupounette to do the 8 random things meme. We thought it would be a good idea for me to do it, too.
So here are almost 8 random facts about me:
1. My name is Chilli. I came to live here with Siena and the human exactly two weeks ago.
2. My birthdate is unknown but it is estimated for mid August.
3. I am Italian. Hihi, my mom was looking for a Norwegian name, 'cos Siena, the Norwegian Forest Cat, has an Italian name, so I, the Italian cat, should get a Norwegian one. Got it? Then she wanted to name me after a word verification but Groot, Stistspa or Ursnoiti resulted too difficult. Phew...
4. "Chilli" may not suit my fur colour but it does suit my temperament! Mom says that I'm a completly different character than Siena and will need more "education". Whatever that means!?
5. I am a dilute calico. My furs are grey, cream and white.6. I was brought to Germany with my sister, but my new mom never met her. Here's a photo of us together. She has exactly the same colours as I have.7. My eyes are small and kind of close together, which gives me a cool sly expression at times. Watch out, there's mischief coming up!8a. My favourite toy at present is this tube with the "hat" of an acorn inside. It was Siena's favourite too, but she can't get into it anymore! Hahahaha! The bad thing is that Siena often gives me biteys in my butt when I am in there.8b. But don't you worry: I have my means of defence!
I will leave you with a really fresh photo our mom did just now. Don't tell Siena that I actually LIKE her washing my ears. She is obsessed with washing me, obsessed, I tell you!
Happy Friday efurryone! And lots of purrs, Chilli.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Houston, we have contact!

Mom here:
Things are going good here in wintery Cologne as Siena has chosen to accept the little one. Hooray! However, the small one is totally hissed off because we just returned from the vet where she got her chip. I am hissed off too because the vet told me that she HASN'T got the leucosis vaccination, which I was told she had but has ear mites and an ear infection "instead". I am very mad at the rescue organisation! I trusted them with the vaccinations and made an extra point on the importance of the leucosis immunisation as to not endanger Siena. They told me she had it. Apart from the danger, it's an expensive vaccine around here! They also manipulated her age and she seems to be younger than what they told me... Oh well, I guess the most important thing is to get her all healthy asap. I still don't think it's very professional of them!
Talking about health: You all might know already that my lovely Sister in Floof Momo isn't feeling well. We keep all paws crossed here and are purring for her to get better right away! Please do so too, if you're not already doing it. Thank you!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Thank you Shade, Banshee & Goldie over at Sumac Stories for this award full of love! I love it!

These are the rules:
This lovely award is created by Crystal @ Memoirs of a Mommy in honor of Noah and the donor of his sweet little heart who ENCOURAGES us to SHARE THE LOVE! The rules for this award are to pass it along to some people whose blogs you love. They make you laugh, smile, leave encouraging comments on your blog. You would like to share some love with them because they have uplifted, inspired, encouraged or prayed for you. Please include this paragraph with the link to Memoirs of a Mommy so that everyone knows where this award originated from.
I would like to give this award to Zoe, Georgia and Indy, Daisy and The Creek Cats. They were so fast in giving good advice. Thank you very much!

I have another reason to be thankful for: That there are more nice and cozy places for a girlcat to nap when her new crazy sister is occupying her bed on the windowsill. Still: Hrmpf.

Monday, November 17, 2008


This picture sums up my recent mood. You know what happened? I got what I wanted and now I'm having second thoughts. I always pestered my mom that I am so bored when she is not at home and that she should find me a friend OR turn me loose on the outdoors. Well, she got me a little friend and so far I hate her! I am so busy hissing, growling, chasing, pouncing and putting the bitey on her that my mom says, she is not going to help me blog 'til things have settled down a bit. Hopefully I can still come and visit!

Mom here: The new one is a street-wise kitten from a rescue-organisation, which behaved very friendly the first hours. Naturally, Siena growled at here the first evening. The second day the new one growled and hissed back. On the third day, Sunday, Siena began chasing her, holding her down and biting her. I try to get the little one some rest and supervise that things don't get too serious. I am a bit anxious though, that they won't settle down some day and that Siena will really hurt her. The newbie doesn't hide or something and comes purring towards me, but I noticed that she is stressed because she smells a bit "strong"- like if her glands were transpiring anxiety. I brush and stroke them alternatly and feed them separatly... I prepared myself theoretically but now I'm unsure if I should intervene or let them sort things out. If you'd share your experiences with me, I would be so happy...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The grand final

Our grand tour to the north of Europe was crowned by a visit to Fin's land: Finland. We all were received with special interest but the crowed really got excited when they found out about Fin's identity. Cats got out a strange thing which they called their "secret national flag" and ceremoniously handed it over to Fin. We didn't really know what to make of it, but Fin surely looked glorious on that flag-thing.Then she had to climb on top of some kind of official builing where the crowd cheered at her. To be honest, it was all a bit much for us after the tranquil serenity of the Norwegian forests. So, we headed of to check out the forests in Finland. Don't we all look floofy? We are! The cold made us gain some floof.Once in the region we stopped over at Lapland, but found out that it's NOT the promised land of laps for kitties. Instead there are these little tents which make for a good hide and seek game. But all this lack of laps made us think about our moms and dads and their respective laps at home and we all got a bit homesick. Okay, okay, I'll admit it: I got very homesick and my BSIFs had to comfort me by washing my ears (no, my mom doesn't do that but it was very nice anyway).Unanimously we found that it's time to return to our homes, climbed the Magic Carpet again and swooshed off. I will miss my Sisters in Floof, Momo, Fin and Miss Kitty a lot! They are the finest felines and I hope I'll be able to visit them in America and Australia one time. Thank you for looking after me! Purrs!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Some of you thought I got left behind in Norway because I liked the trees so much, didn't you? No way, I like my Sisters In Floof way better and of course I went to the Arctic with them. We were very lucky to see the mysterious Northern Lights. Please go to Momo's, Fin's and Miss Kitty's blog for the full account on the story.I have to admit that I'm a bit confused and slightly alarmed. It's because of my mom: I talked to her today and she was very distracted and short on the phone, she couldn't bring out just one straight sentence. Plus, it sounded as if someone was playing thundering herds of elephants in the background. Of course that can't be the case... or can it?! I am very curious of what is going on at home and will report a.s.a.p.!
Make sure to tune in on Sunday for the grand final of our tour. Lots of purrs, Siena

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Visiting the Homeland

From my place it is not that far to Norway, but it got considerably colder. We were all very happy to have our thick coat and the tufted toesies (which my mom likes to call "snowshoes") came in handy too.
That's a sight to behold, isn't it? One of many Norwegian lakes we visited. We really liked what we saw on our trip. The rough beauty of nature somehow mirrored our personalities we thought.The forests are vast and untouched by humans. I see why there are many legends telling about trolls inhabiting these forests. They have a magical touch to them! We sniffed around a bit but didn't meet any trolls, though.
Time passes by so quickly when you're having fun. It felt natural to chase over big boulders and climb trees non-stop! It got dark on us much too early, at least for my taste! Here you can see us resting by a river: me absolutely knackered and my Big Sisters In Floof standing guard. They really lived up to their promise to my mom and cared for me how only cats could care.Gladly we spent the night in this pitoresque log cabin. There even where some mice!
I wasn't allowed to steer the big Magic Carpet anymore because the drive was far too shaky and unstable. So my BSIFs gave me my very own mini Magic Carpet. It was suitable to hover around just about ground level. I was glad to have it, since it had snowed quite a bit on our second day in Norway!
I will leave you for today with the picture of our most famous ancestor. This chap is "Pans Truls" and it's with his first offspring - born on the 17th of April in 1974 - that breeding of the NFC started. This guy set a great standard - isn't he beautiful?
Please visit Miss Kitty's, Fin's & Momo's blog to find out everything about our exciting trip!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Real Thing

„Mooom, mooom, get out the treats and the kittymilk!
They’re just landing!!!!"
They are finally here: Momo, Miss Kitty & Fin flew the whole night, crossing the Atlantic to get to my place in Köln. This is what they saw when they got into the city. It’s a shame you can only see one of the belltowers, 'cos they were just passing by the cathedral of Cologne which ist the city’s emblem...Of course I have been on the outlook for them the whole time. When I saw the Magic Carpet swooshing in I got furry excited and ran to my mom. I was so happy to see them in all their floofy glory! We immediately formed one big floofball, washing and grooming each other to get that all important "family smell".
I showed them the „Fischies“ first thing after. Mom was making a worried face when all of my SIFs refreshed their paws in the cool water. I really don’t know what she has – everyone knows that traveling long distances makes your legs and feet tired!
With our paws and spirit refreshed we engaged in some treeclimbing. Poor Fin couldn’t join us as mom was instructing her on what I am allowed to do and what not. Mom! That’s embarrassing! I am seven months old! Leave Fin alone! I fear she even "persuaded" her to let her rub her floofy belly...
After a nice dinner and a good nights sleep we will be ready for the real thing: The trip to the land of our ancestors - Norway!
Stay tuned for more... (and check ot my SIFs!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going on holiday

As you might know, my SIFs were in Disneyland today and they are now making their way to Germany to pick me up. I am expecting them for tomorrow. Don't miss out on their whereabouts and go to Momo's, Miss Kitty's and Fin's bloggies to read everything about our Wegie-Adventure (and about the term Wegie) if you haven't done so already.
Yesterday I called for other Norwegian Forest Cats to step out of the vast Cat Blogosphere and contact the SIFs. So far, lamentably, nocat has contacted me. That got me thinking that many, maybe the overwhelming majority of catbloggers, probably isn’t too sure about their ancestors. So, here’s an easy-to follow-quick-check-guide to NFCdom.

You might be a Norwegian Forest Cat if... have a doble-layered coat with thick underfur and a coarse top-layer, that might be a bit greasy (that’s not a flaw but weatherprotection. However, on a Turkish Angora it would be a flaw.).
... your hind legs are longer than your front legs.
... your tail is so long it reaches up to your neck.
... you have tufted ears and snowshoes to protect your toesies.
... you love humans and their company but you are at the same time an essentially independent, active cat.
... you are sociable and you get along with other cats.
... you can climb down a tree with your head first, decending in a spiral*.
... you lose most of your semi-long hair in summertime which gives you an squirrel-like appearance.

* Please note, that this video does NOT show the proper spiral-technique mentioned above! After all I'm still a NFC in training.
I am going through the theoretical steps of the spiral-technique with my eyes closed. Doing so, I can concentrate better. My mom often mistakes that for lazy napping, she doesn't know just how wrong she is!

Monday, November 10, 2008

In the meantime

While I'm "patiently" awaiting the arrival of my gorgeous Sisters In Floof, I thought I'd take advantage and say thank you for those lovely awards I was given:Sen-Chan, Tom-Kun, Tama-Chan and their #1 gave this one to me. It means a lot to me, especially because it was them who "found" me. I have to admit, that I was secretly reading their marvellous blog for a while, but not commenting. Well, their tracking system did it's work and they sort of led me out of my shyness. Thank you, guys!Then Pearl, Bert and Jake said that they too love my blog! Isn't that great? Honestly, I'm one happy, bouncy, plush, little girlcat! Smooches!

Oblivious for all sorts of rules I'll pass these awards on to:
Parker, who is even more perfect with her new blogdesign;
The Real Cats and especially for Cal who is feeling poorly for some days now;
to Fin, my lovely BSIF (Pst, Momo and Miss Kitty: I couldn't pass this one on to you, 'cos they'd accuse me of NFC favouritism but please do feel that I gave it to you. Wink, wink...);
to Shade and Goldie & the "to introduce herself tomorrow newbie";
to every cat over at Everycat, 'cos I want them to break the record of 'blog recieving most awards shortly after starting the blog' (and they DO have a lovely blog) and to a wonderful blog I only found over at Everycat that made my mom laugh & laugh & laugh: Spying cat.
Love to all of you!
And purrs! Siena

Here they come

The Diaspora of blogging NFCs
Do click to biggify
Today is the great day! Our adventure begins - I am so excited! The top graphic shows the diaspora of us SIFs, which is short for Sisters In Floof. I have the current status of LSIF = Little Sister In Floof, hihihi. You can see Momo in our headquarter in Australia, Fin & Miss Kitty in the US, and my little self in Germany. Makes sure to go over to their blogs, they are loaded with information about NFCs. By the way, if there are more Norwegian Forest Cats out there - please do contact us!
Momo is making her way to pick up Fin and Miss Kitty. Doesn't she look gorgeous on the Flying Carpet? It will take a while until they are here, so my mom told me to 'come down that tree and quit staring at the sky for them'.

Instead I checked the premises - I want everything set for my SIFs! Mom, all that leaves need to be piled up for us to play in. I can't wait for them to be here... could you!?
Stay tuned...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Frisky Fall is not over

Today and yesterday I'm feeling very frisky again. Weather is fine, with lots of sunshine in my furs and insects to stalk. And the indoors isn't boring either. I'm having major fun!
See for yourself...
Mom said I should get a job at a nightbar. She laughed while she said that, so I think it was a joke. Still don't get it, though...

Today we did some gardening. As usual, I helped a lot - without my mom appreciating it too much. There was a misunderstanding between us, as she was trying to get spring bulbs into the ground and I was digging them out again. She should have told me earlier! In the digging frenzy I was too occupied to listen, obviously.
I made sure that there aren't any evil critters hiding in the leafheap:
Hihi, did you jump a little bit?

I really gave it a thorough check!

Sadly, I have to report, that there weren't any.
I finished my gardening with a nice sunbath. Our little garden doesn't get much sun and it only comes into the appartement for 1,5 hours a day (it's a dark cave my mom says). So I really have to soak some sun in while I can. Aaaah....
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