Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sit on your sisfur Sunday

Yes, I did it again.
Smothering Siena with my snuggly love. It all starts with her in our bed and me arriving later. Then I just lay down on her. She is seriously comfy!
I'm sure Siena enjoys this too.
Purrs, Chilli

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The better alternative

I guess I just have to dream about that feeling of wind in my furs. It gives me a certain sense of freedom, you know. And it makes me very frisky!
Even though we didn't get outside yesterday I had a lovely evening because my alternative plan of a mayor tummy rub session with the other type of human came true.
This is how it looked like for him.
This it how it looked like for mom.All I can say it that it feels sooooooo good!
Mom says we look ridiculous, but I know she's just jealous. I never stay that long for her. With the other type of human he has to kick me off because I would floof on forever. Then mom says in her sugary sweet voice that she would never kick me off, but I'm not having it. The other type of human's belly rubs are first class!
Purrs, Siena Snowfox

Friday, November 27, 2009

Floofy Friday

It is very windy today, so we are not allowed outside. I'm a bit miffed because of that and have been meowing reproachfully at mom today.

I like it when the wind blows through my furs! I'm a weatherproof Norwegian Forest Cat! Chilli says that we're not allowed outside has something to do with my disappearance yesterday. Hrmpf.
Ah well, I'll resign myself to some indoor gardening and will guard this Amaryllis bulb. It needs a bit of encouragement to grow and bloom.I also have plans to chatter a bit at the birds outside.
And when the other type of humans comes around later in the evening I will give myself away to him and let him rub my belly like I never do for mom. Ha!
Purrs, Siena

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday in the garden - thankful edition

A very happy Thanksgiving to our furriends!Pictured above: Señorita Escapista
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany, but we love the idea of it. We have reason to be even more thankful today. Miss Snowfox, aka Señorita Escapista, gave us a mighty scare today.
Actually one of the best pics of us together outside.
We were outside in the garden, mom was trying to get a good photo of us together, when Siena suddenly puffed up and took off.
Chillimus was watching from a safety distance.
She jumped up the wall and slowly got closer to the right door neighbour's shed.
Can you tell Siena went "poof"?
Mom looked but couldn't see anything special. She assumed the neighbour cats Frida and Lilly where in the shed. We stay clear of their shed as they defend it very firmly.
This was the last we saw of Siena.
Mom soon got cold and went inside. But after a little while she wondered if everything was alright because Siena didn't show up. You have to know that Siena regularly checks on mom, if mom stays inside for too long. And mom had an appointment with the dentists later on. So she searched for us and only found me.
Check out Chilli's tail.
I did zoomies towards her when I saw her. But no Siena. Mom called and called, searched the whole other world behind our wall. Then she got treats and called and called again. Nothing. No Siena. This is very unusual as Siena always comes when called. Or you can at least hear the bell on her collar somewhere and tell she's around. And remember she was rustling a treat package!
To make a long story short, mom rang the doorbell to several adjacent patios and searched everywhere for Siena. But she didn't find her. This has never happened before and mom got increasingly worried. She called the other type of human who works very close-by and he offered to come round during his break and help her search. Dentist appointment cancelled.
And guess what? The very minute the other type of human walked through our door Siena showed up!
All of us were so happy. Of course she's not telling where she was. Siena disappeared for about 2,5 hours, so we thankfully only got a taste of what it feels like when a loved one is missing. We can say that it's horrible and we feel for efurryone in this situation. Hug your loved ones extra tight today.
Many purrs, Chilli & Siena

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Touching toesies.
There are many ways for your toesies to stay warm. This is probably one of the best.

Monday, November 23, 2009

In the spa

Ladycat Chilli is indulging in a beauty treatment in her purrsonal at-home spa today. Yes, she's a posh girl with her own spa.Ladycat Chilli so enjoys this. It makes her feel squeaky clean and beautiful.But look what poor housing she provides for her employee: only the tiniest of cubicle. Someone should do something about this!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gourmet Cat

I like to check out what mom is eating. Usually I give it a sniff and then walk past - except for cereal milk of course. But this time mom had something special on her dish. It had the most appealing colour and a sweet scent - after a few hesitant licks I dived right in.
It tasted delicious! Mom says she ate it for the first time too and loved it. It's a Kaki fruit, which btw is a natural remedy in Japan and China since hundreds of years. No spoonful of sugar needed to help this medicine go down! So, so yummy.
Purrs, Siena

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Too big to be true?

Oh-my-Cod! Is this what we think it is?
A giant feather!Giganto feather!
It's as big as the whole little Chillimus.
We're in heaven!
Mom found it by chance in the decoration part of her favourite plant nursery. It really reminds us of something, if we only knew of what...
Excuse us, we've got some chirping, chomping and feather hunting to do.
Siena & Chilli

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday's tip is...

... a little Snowfox's ear tip showing out
of the commodity of a far too small box.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday in the garden

Today we're going a bit back in time because we want to show you Chilli's favourite plant. You might have seen it in the background of Chilli's portrait for Catwalk Caturday which happens to be one of our favourite pics of the little one, so we post it again too. The false sunflower plant is a cheerful plant but quite the thug says mom as it spreads fast and easily. But she's oh so ready to forgive this when it's blooming. Look at these cheery blooms!
Guess why it's Chilli's favourite plant?It's abuzz with bees during bloomtime!
Sigh, when you go outside to look for this plant now you will only see dry brown stalks and seedheads. But next year it will come back and with our good care hopefully bloom as proliferous as this year.
Happy gardening,
Siena & Chilli

Monday, November 16, 2009

The world needs more boxes

A big thank you to all my furriends for the nice words for my Gotcha Day. I really hope you enjoyed hearing my story again. We had a great weekend as it wasn't only my Gotcha Day on Saturday, but the other type of human's birthday on Sunday too. I really enjoyed the packages he got from his family. Nothing beats a good box. I think he enjoyed them too.
Have a good start into the week!
Purrs, Chilli

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chilli's first Gotcha Day

I've been living with Siena and mom for a whole year today. Time has flown by and I loved every minute of it! Please celebrate with us by taking a looooong trip down memory lane.
This is the first picture of me that got posted on this blog. I didn't even have my name back then!
Mom didn't save the ad she answered to, but those were the pictures she got after talking to the foster lady on the phone. They are from the middle of September 2008 and are the youngest ones we got. Aren't I a little bundle of love? Mom was smitten.
And some catitude! Mom came to visit me at the end of September, but she couldn't take me home right away, because I was sick for the second time with a cold and couldn't get my shots. All these pics are from the foster lady and a friends of her's.
This is my sisfur. She's a dilute calico too.
We loved each other very much, no wonder after what we've been through together. The rescue organisation had brought us all the way from Italy to Germany by car and we were so confused and scared at first. When mom came to see me my sisfur already had found her forever home. Sometimes I think of her and how she's doing.
In theses pics you can see how... ...bad I had the sniffles. Just look at that crusty nose!
Until I could move into my forever home I had fun at the foster place with this feisty floofy girl. And a little calico. Can you see me? I'm at the bottom of the kitten pile.
These two girls got to stay with the foster lady!
Then, on the 14th November of 2008 I was brought to mom. The first week was very turbulent and stressful, because Siena and I growled and hissed at each other permanently. Mom had only given me half an hour to explore until she let us meet. If she were to do the introduction again, she would take it slower.
Siena wasn't too pleased in the beginning.
She followed me around all the time, to see what I was doing, growling at that.
Those were exciting and exhausting times.
It looked as if we were never going to settle down.

From the second day on I growled at Siena.And then followed some days of chases, whaps and hisses.
I was absolutely wasted at night.
On the sixth day we shared our bed on the windowsill for the very first time. This bed has since been our favourite snuggle location.It only looks as if I'm taking up too much space, honestly!
I've learned so much of Siena in the following months. About the Evil Twig. About being a Gardening Cat.
About the flashy box.About the 'innocent look'. (Siena's a true master.)

About butt biteys and fun with tubes.
About hierachy.
And most impawtantly about love.
Here's to many more years together!
Many purrs,
little Ladycat Chilli
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