Sunday, December 27, 2009

Seeing off the Old Year

Dear furriends,
a longer note from us to see off the Old Year - and wish you all a wonderful new one of course.
Like last year we're at the other type of human's parents place. And like last year the drive up here was terrible because little Chillimus screamed her lungs out. Mom had given her a calming pill from the vet and was very disappointed in the effect. She had hoped so much to spare Chilli a lot of stress, but listen for yourself:

Does that sound like a calmed Prettypuss? Not really.
Initially mom tried to have Chilli in her harness on her lap with her but that didn't calm her at all so she went in her PTU. Things are more or less well now. "More" because we've got pawsome presents for Christmas, "less" because Chilli has got the sniffles. Mom, aka worry-wart, was driving everyone mad with saying she couldn't leave us tomorrow as arranged for four nights to go up to the north of Germany with some friends. But we convinced her that Chilli is feeling much better already and that we are in good hands here. So from tomorrow on we will probably have some cool chances of escape from the room we are staying in. Paws crossed for us please, we haven't yet seen that Christmas tree with the ornaments and everything. And that is so not fair.
Now to our presents. Mom gave us our first real litter box. We had a box before too, but it was just a white everyday box someone had thrown away and mom picked up to put it to this use. Miss Snowfox likes to dig and turn around in the box and one day mom realised that the box was a bit too small by now. The new one is purrfect. It has a spiffy pink rim. Mom wasn't allowed to take pictures.
The greatest present came from our furriends Goldie, Shade and Banshee.
Hand it over, mom. Now!
They sent us a foxtail, stuffed to the brim with their primo catnip. We have never reacted so strong to nip before, we just love this toy! Especially Siena lost it completely and went off into a nip craze.
The second present mom won as a give-away from a very creative human.
A great colour for Gardening Cats on Winter vacation.
It's a crochet mousie filled with valerian!!! Mom says it's too cute for words. We think it's very whapable too.

Here you can see us enjoying our presents. Siena has the mousie and Chilli the foxtail. Great times.
We wish each and efurryone a pawsome New Year! We hope to see you around in 2010.
Loving noselicks,
Siena & Chilli

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Monday

We wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2010!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowy Siena

Woohoo, we are getting more and more snow! As we said, this is quite unusual for where we live and we are enjoying it for now. Mom says having to leave the house is a whole different story. Anyway, I got to go outside for a bit. I so enjoyed myself! Please have a look at my little 'Siena Snowfox in the Snow' adventure.
First impression of the white stuff.
My pawprints on the terrace.It kept snowing while I was checking out the patio.
I'm sure mom enjoyed being out there with me.
Zooming around in the snow is extra fun!
I hope my BSIFs (Big Sisters in Floof) Momo, Fin and Miss Kitty are proud of me. That white stuff is deep!
Ahhh, that reminds me of our trip to Norway last year. I dream that we can go again one day and the gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat Mancats Theodor and Tankene Ice Mist could come along. That would be mayor fun!

Of course you need a weatherproof coat and snowshoes to enjoy this kind of weather. I'll admit that I didn't stay outside for very long, but I think I made my point.
Stay warm efurryone!
Purrs, Siena Snowfox

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunny Siena

It snowed a little bit at night and we woke up to a sunny Saturday with blue skies - but very low temperatures and a little snow cover for our garden. We very rarely get snow here.
One of our nip plants we sowed this Summer.
We had to stay inside, because mom said it was too cold. Hrmpf, I'm a Norwegian Forest Cat, what does she think I have my floof and special snowshoes for?! However, mom took some nice close-up pictures of me.
My nosie.
Prettypuss.I was snoozing in the sun.
Watching Chilli doing something silly.

Hope you enjoyed them!
Purrs, Siena Snowfox

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hunt week

I wanted to participate in Fin's Hunt Week to tell you about how I successfully catch a most elusive prey: My own tail!I'm quite good at it since I was a kitten. I do fast moves,... turning around all of a sudden to get the tail by surprise. Once I got it, I hold on to it with both front paws or it will make an escape again. Sometimes I have to wrestle it. Once it's defeated I like to put the bitey on it or just wash it.
It gets a bit boring when it's deaded tough. I would love to catch a real mousie again.
Happy hunting!

Chillimus Prettypuss

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Attracting attention

Dear furriends,
we haven't been around much because mom was using a certain four letter word a lot this week. That's right, it's called B-U-S-Y. It's a human concept we'll never understand. To get her attention we had to employ some tricks.One was to snuggle together in Chilli's bed on the sideboard. We never snuggled in this bed before and mom immediately came to fuss over us. It was a very comfy and snug fit.Vigorous whapping fights always get us her attention too.So do new catching the "fling" techniques. Great move, Chilli!We realised that mom appreciates cute details - like a little fang showing.
But boldly staring at her works just as fine. Confusing, huh?What works best though is being occupied with cat business and therefore ignoring her. That'll have her all over us in no time. Hehehehehe... moms!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Silly on Sunday

Exhibit A
Chilli has a great interest in little paper bags from the baker. She has chewed herself through some of them and even nibbled the bread! This time her head got stuck and she was moving backwards towards the rim of the writing desk.
Look how much her silky and slender butt reaches over the table when she got it off. That was close!
Exhibit B
I have to admit that I did something silly too. I have climbed the curtain rail before, but looking back it could be that I was a bit more kitten-shaped then. This time, when I reached the far end I found that I couldn't turn around to get back. I even slipped and clung - not very elegantly - to the curtain. Mom rushed into the kitchen and came back with one of the bar stools to rescue me. When I jumped on there mom too realised that I wasn't that little kitten anymore and the stool got swaying. That frightened me so I jumped back on the curtain rail. For the second try mom assumed a more stable pawsition and I got down. She's my purrsonal elevator!

Have you noticed how festive our bloggie looks? Thank you to Zoolatry for the header!
On a totally different note we wanted to tell efurryone that Tama-Chan and her four fabulous kittens are doing fine. She had to get them via an ouchy Caesarian and was so exhausted the first looooong couple of hours. She is nursing and loving them now like the best momma cat. Concats to Tama-Chan! Head over to their bloggie for more pictures.
Siena Snowfox

Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally Friday

Look! Siena's nosie is beaming red in the sunshine. She looks like Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer! Maybe that will finally get mom in a festive mood and she'll put up some decorations for us to whap and knock over.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Biting our nails

Dear furriends,
we're so nervous because our very good furriend Tama-Chan is due to get her kittens any time now. We're biting our nails! All this waiting for the good news is nerve wracking.
Please join in our purrs for her to have a smooth birth and for efurryone to be healthy and happy.
With our rumbliest purrs,
Siena & Chilli

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