Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

High five

High five, furriends!

Thank you for voting for us in Misha's cool Catwalk Caturday event! Concats to the other winners and efurryone who joined in. We had plenty of fun!
Our mom went to a cat show on Sunday. She returned with a lot of impressions and toys for us!I was very taken by this mousie with a colourful cord butt. I scooped it up with my paw and gave it a good licking.Hihihi, mom bought two of these stand-up feathered pongs because she thought they would be a big hit with us. Well, they aren't. Maybe one day when you want to give them away we will play with them, mom!

She hit the jackpot with this cosy cushion though. Guess what's in there...Mom met this professional model, a Maine Coon. He reminded her of our NFC furriend Tankene Ice Mist.She fell madly in love with this gorgeous Turkish Angora named Kica Casheela Spitfire. When she visited the breeder's website she was surprised to find out he's a male. He had the most "feminine air" about him. They imported him from the US, what a long way!

I was very proud when mom told me that none of the Norwegian Forest Cats she saw had such a ginourmous tail like I do. That made me strut around with my tail raised high!
Purrs, Siena Snowfox

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our little Top Cat Model

Do you think Misha is doing a sigh of relief I'm not one of the finalist in the NZ Next Top Cat Model contest? Mom says I would stand good chances winning it.
You voted for Misha, didn't you? We're serious, every vote is needed here. Please efurrycat, pop over to the contest site and vote. Use your human's email adresses too. Voting closes the 30th of September.
Vote Misha!

We're kind of busy this weekend so we'll see you next week.
Purrs, Chilli

Friday, September 25, 2009

Here comes the sun

Hai furriends!Isn't this chillishadow cool?
With the sun lower in the sky we got our patch of sunlight back!
Those 1,5h it gets into our dark cave, eh appartement, are purrfect for getting some good valerian/nip time in or just generally bunnykicking away. I love to bunnykick!
I have been successfully chasing Siena away from my patch of sunlight.
I mean, she has her floofy furs to keep her toasty, right? Although seeing her on the cold floor like this I do feel a bit bad.But this slight uncomfortable feeling will get away when attacking vigourously one of the toys I got for my first birthday.
I'm a wild player!
Look how the toasty sun lets my furs glisten and glitter.

Mmmh, do you think I should share with Siena?
I hope there's a patch of sunlight for you this weekend.
Happy Finally Friday, Chilli

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful that our mom rescues us out of trees. Yes, Chilli got stuck in a tree. Again. Please note the "barrier" mom had put around the trunks to prevent her climbing it. We guess she can take those off now, tee hee. Mom climbed on the wall, reached for Chilli and put her down on the roof of the bicycle shelter in front of the wall. And guess what Chilli did! She ran to our flashy box - mom had put down on the roof to have her hands free - and smooched it over the roof's rim. It fell 3m deep! We are thankful it didn't get broked.

Chilli's portrait from our Catwalk Caturday on location photoshooting inspired our friend Martin Hooper to do this cool graphic. We especially like the black & white segment and the rainbow coloured one below. Thank you Martin! And many thanks to those who voted for us at the Catwalk Caturday Wall of Fame over at Misha's!

But we have more things to be thankful for. Siena's price from the Curly Q Contest arrived from Victor, Nina and mom Jen. They even included some very yummy holistic cat treats. Many thanks!
Mom, please open this fast, this could be for us!Chilli, get out of there!!! I can't see what's in the box!Siena: Mmmh, I think it's the Fling-ama-String!
Chilli: Treats! Yummy!It IS the Fling-ama-String!!!Mom, you'd better set it up fast. I don't have all day, you know.Nom, nom... treats make the waiting less hard...crunch, crunch.

At first we hesitated to check this new thing out.
Then we both tried it...... the stringy moves fast...
... Siena got real good at catching it...... and Chilli likes to flop down and paw at it.
Now we only have to train the humans to switch it on when we want to play. Victor told us that he trained his boy human to do this. Cool!
Purrs on this truly Thankful Thursday, Siena & Chilli

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday tip

When washing your sisfur: Don't overdo it.
The ears are a sensible spot!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Catwalk Caturday

Today is Catwalk Caturday!
Held by gorgeous Misha, surely the next NZ Top Cat Model.
We are both the natural type of cat and love to get our paws dirty in the garden. That's why we opted for a kind of life-style photoshooting where we can combine our good looks with outdoor activities.The two models are about to pass each other. It's impawtant not to giggle when you see your sisfur acting all modellike on your first photoshoot.When doing this kind of photoshooting engage in some natural behaviour. Act as if the camera wasn't there. Life is good!It looks more natural when you don't look straight into the camera.And if you do look straight into the camera, highlight your eyes. Chilli opted for the intense look through the grass blades. Be aware that grass blades tickle your nosie!With this kind of photography a slight out of focus effect enhances the close-to-life credibility.A good portrait should nevertheless be always included.

That was fun!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday with feathers

Fin is having a special Tweet Week dedicated to the birdies. We, of course, are very interested in birdies and we love feathers. Today we want to show a very special birdie, who, to be honest, made our hunting dreams come to a screeching halt. Mom was in the local zoo again and dreamingly wandered around when she noticed this:Mom must have looked a bit like Chilli when she sees something almost unbelievable and exciting. She tiptoed closer.Yes indeed, the man was showing an Eagle Owl to the puplic. We snickered at first when mom told us that the Eagle Owl's scientific name is Bubo bubo...
... but regained our respect fast...
... when we heard that this bird can carry off a cat-sized prey with his strong feet and kill it.
What a majestic bird.
The "Uhu", how he's called in German, is the biggest type of owl and lives in Europe and Asia. His population is increasing again in Germany since the 1980's thanks to protection and bred animals being released back into the wilderness.The little feathers pointing from his head are btw not his ears. The ears are behind the circular feathers the man is showing (you can biggify all pics). The prominent feathers are more of a communication device!

We hope you enjoyed this. Makes one gain respect for the feathers, huhu huhu huhuuuuu?
Tweet on, Siena & Chilli

P.S.: I couldn't help it... does anyone else see the similarity between Siena and the owl? Hahahahahaha! One of her nicknames even is "the owl"...
Gotta run, little silly Chilli

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I spy with my little eye

Little Ladycat Chilli, formerly known as Crazy Cat, has
high goals.

Here she's trying to reach one. Tee hee...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blender Cat

Hey furriends,

check out today's entry on the Cute with Chris site. It's me! I'm a Blender Cat.
Thank you Wendy for suggesting to submit my pic.

Giggles, Siena Snowfox

P.S.: Regular post below.

Tuesday toastiness

Hi Mom! What is it you're mumbling?
I'm not supposed to be up here?
But I look too cute toasting away like this?You know, even a floofy girl needs to stay toasty.
Dozing away,
Siena Snowfox

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Easy like Sunday

This picture reflects nicely what I am planning to do today.
Hopefully Chilli wants to have a calm day too. Here she is relaxing in the comfy bed she - eh, we - got for her birthday. It was supposed to be for the two of us, but Chilli has claimed is as her purrsonal bed.
Isn't it a bit unfair? The little one gets the comfy bed and I sleep in a box on the floor...
Sigh, being the big sisfur is hard sometimes. Literally.But I would never disturb my sweet sisfur's slumber. Just look at her!

Oh, we got news from Dado: His owner texted back and said that she was sorry to hear he's causing that much trouble, but doesn't know what she can do about it. Mom suggested not to let him roam that much and to try to make their yard escape safe - but she's not sure if the woman is willing or able to do that. Apparently another mancat has taken over Dado's yard and he had to search himself a new territory: OURS! While shopping for groceries mom met Frida and Lilly's human. She asked her about Dado and the woman told her that Dado is peeing all over her terrace and their patio too. She had put out a litter box for him, without success. She was very keen on having the phone number of Dado's owner. We have nothing against Dado or his owner, but it's really bad that he's causing such a stirr-up for us and our neighbour. We hope the woman finds a way to change this situation. In the meantime mom has placed the evil squirt bottle outside to have it at hand... (shudders).
A relaxing Sunday to all of you,

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